You Are Beautiful, And How You Deal With It Matters

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, as the saying suggests. Beauty is in your eye, and it defines how you see yourself. Naturally, there is more to beauty than matching the contemporary standards or wearing the latest urban trends. Beauty is foremost how you care about yourself and what you do to maintain your natural capital. Think about it like that: Even Kate Moss needs to work on her skin and body from time to time. Nothing comes without an effort, however small may it be. The same is valid about your beauty. It’s important to take care of it – whether you believe you are beautiful or not. Beauty is an expression of health and happiness: It’s when your skin glows, your body is strong and lean, and your lips are smiling. The Romans used to call it a healthy mind in a healthy body. While they tend to associate the saying with sporting and educational events, it’s also true that how you look is the result of good mental and physical health. In short, take care of the mind and the body if you want to find your true beauty.

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Beauty starts in the mind

As odd as it may sound, beauty starts in your mind. This means that self-deprecation, self-criticism, and self-hatred don’t make you feel beautiful. It’s simple, isn’t it? This goes a little further. You need to train your mind to accept your appearance and embrace it. It’s not about falling in love with the image in the mirror, but being satisfied that it is you. Sometimes, when it is difficult to get over a physical flaw, there is still the possibility to turn to plastic surgery or therapy to help yourself to accept who you are. At the end of the day, what matters is to be able to look in the mirror without feeling shame or disgust. Learn to love yourself a little.


Create your beauty routine

Accept your beauty is the first step, taking care of it is the second and most important one. It’s about finding the right routine and products that prevent common issues to develop such as blemishes and damaged dry hair. For some, it involves a lot of trials before finding the product that works, but protecting your skin and hair is no wasted investment. If you are unsure what to choose, you could start by asking for advice at your regular beauty salon. It’s better than testing everything on the market!


Give your body all it needs to make you beautiful

Your body fuels your beauty. What you eat, drink and feel will show on the outside. So if you needed a good reason to start a healthy diet, it would be that the vitamins and minerals that your body consumes help to tighten your skin, smooth it, and rejuvenate it. Additionally, stress and depression have significant impacts on your skin and your hair health, increasing the risk of premature aging signs. So, keeping a regular sporting activity can not only help your body to release stress but also makes you beautiful… and fitter too!

Embrace a healthy diet


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