You Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say: How To Love Your Reflection

Feeling beautiful is tough in this world, where we’re constantly assailed by pictures of stick thin models and celebrities posting ‘bare faced’ selfies in which they’re actually wearing half a tube of foundation after having skin treatments costing hundreds. Sometimes when you look at yourself in the mirror, it can be tough to love what you see there. Thankfully there are a few ways to feel good about yourself again…

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Clear Out Your Clothes

First and foremost, it’s time to clear out your closet. If there are things that don’t make you feel good about yourself then it’s time to trash them (or donate them, of course). It’s perfectly okay to wear comfortable sloppy sweatpants and t-shirts at home, but when you’re going out, make sure that you wear whatever makes you feel confident. If your weight makes you feel self conscious then focus on buying clothes that flatter your favourite parts of your body – buy dresses that nip in at the waist and pencil skirts that hug your enviable curves, instead of wearing tent-like garments that swamp you and make you look much bigger than you are.

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Make Changes

Remember that it’s perfectly okay to change things about your looks that you aren’t happy with. It isn’t a test of moral fortitude that you’re going to fail if you have a breast lift or you decide that you don’t want to spend your whole life with the nose that you were born with. It’s totally okay to decide to whiten your teeth or pin back your ears – just make sure that you talk to a reputable doctor like Dr. Jordan Rihani to ensure that you get good advice, and remember that your self esteem might not improve after you make cosmetic enhancements. If you want to get surgery, make sure that you also speak to a therapist – it won’t solve all of your problems.

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Take Care Of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is a much more effective way to look good than by covering it in a thick layer of foundation. The first and most important way to take care of your skin is to ensure that you get plenty of sleep, even though that might be easier said than done! Secondly, make sure that you hydrate as much as you can – drinking plenty of water will make your skin brighter and less dull. Wear a layer of high SPF sunscreen underneath your makeup to take care of your skin and protect from any sun damage, and make sure that you use a moisturiser before you go to bed and every time you take off your makeup, to replenish any oils that are being stripped from your skin.

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Be Kind To Yourself

Finally, it’s important to be kind to yourself – use positive language when you’re talking about yourself instead of putting yourself down. If someone compliments you, make sure that you thank them instead of denying it. Stop putting yourself down – tell yourself that you can do things, rather than that you can’t, and focus on your good points instead of the ones you feel less confident about.

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