Beauty Brands To Watch: FIXY Makeup

Ever broken one of your favorite makeup products and wished you could press it back together? Now you can and FIXY is here to help!

FIXY knows that makeup helps unlock countless options for expressing who we really are and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of your expression! The FIXY Makeup kits allow you to blend colors together, create new makeup options, and fix your broken makeup!

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The FIXY Family (customers) love that they can create their very own shades by blending colors they never use. They also love that they can remove the hard to reach makeup around the corners of their makeup pans to make beautifully new pressed makeup. Beauty fanatics have even found the kit to be the perfect tool for depotting makeup.

The FIXY Makeup kit includes step-by-step instructions so anyone, even young children, can easily press makeup. The kit is not only simple to use but will save you money. Just GRIND, BIND, and PRESS, and your makeup is ready to use! The best part is, you can apply your makeup immediately after using your FIXY kit. The kit is high quality and 100% reusable. All you need to do is hand wash it, and it’s ready to use again! The signature kit comes with a small magnetic makeup palette and the Pro kit adds on a large magnetic makeup palette with an even bigger mirror.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to save your makeup!

  • -Remove the top section of the press to reveal the grinding drawer.
  • -Dump the makeup from your old container onto the grinding drawer.
  • -Grind the makeup in a circular motion and use the brush to get every last bit.
  • -Choose the right size makeup pan and drop it into the bottom of the press.
  • -Pour the makeup into the new tin.
  • -Spray your makeup with the binding solution.
  • -Press and hold for 10 seconds and your new makeup is ready to use!


About FIXY Makeup

It all started with an idea and quickly became an obsession. The founder Jill, with over a decade of experience as a licensed esthetician, thought, “What if I could recycle all of my broken and unused makeup instead of throwing it out?” They learned along the way that having a great idea is just a small piece of the process and the founders have poured their lives into sharing these products with the world. Their ultimate goal was to make creativity simple for everyone.


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