Beauty Scene: Gratitude Issue

Beauty Scene: Gratitude Issue

By: Janene Mascarella

Need some new hairstyle inspo? Steal this chic, yet playful Gigi Hadid-inspired braid from the runways of Christian Siriano’s 2020 spring collection that you can wear right now and stay ahead of the curve. Hair stylist Odile Gilbert shares six simple steps:

  1. Prep hair with TRESemme TRES Two Extra Hold Mousse at the roots of the hair and blow dry in using the Dyson Supersonic Professional edition. Use a round brush to create further volume.
  2. Once 80% dry apply the Dyson Supersonic gentle drying nozzle for added texture.
  3. Using a round brush, scrape back hair and fasten ponytail three quarters of the way up the head. Tie with elastic.
  4. Use the Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition with the diffuser to set hair and ponytail firmly in place.
  5. Twist the ponytail into a loose braid without pulling too tightly to keep the texture and body. Pin in place, if necessary.
  6. To finish, apply TRESemme Compressed Micro Hair Mist Spray Level 1: Texture.

Ever wonder what our Beauty Director’s Nighttime Beauty Ritual Is?

“When it comes to taking care of my skin and hair, there is nothing routine about the time I spend at night. In fact, whether I have two minutes or two hours, it’s more like a ritual to me. Sleep is when our bodies go into repair and rebuild mode—that’s why they call it “beauty sleep”—so I love to do what I can to give it a little boost while I snooze. Here are the bedtime besties I turn to throughout the week to help me get the skin and hair of my dreams. ”


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