Beauty Trailblazers Share Their Go-Tos

Searching for a new hero product to add to your beauty routine? We asked the founders of some trailblazing beauty brands to share one product from their line they currently can’t live without…

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Vetzabe Rivera

Vivid Belleza

Hero Product: The Show & Glow Highlighter Palette


What it is: If you love to maintain a radiant, natural glow, look no further. With a soft, luminous finish you can brighten and highlight your face, eyes, and body. Whether you’re a subtle-highlight kind of girl, or an “I want you to see my highlighter from space” diva, this works with whatever look you’re going for. The formula is very lightweight and buildable, and the colors included are suitable for any skin tone.

Why I love it: It has dual uses: You can use it as a bronzer, highlighter, or as an eyeshadow. It’s so affordable, which is exactly what I was aiming for with my brand.

How to use it: This can be used on multiple areas of the body and in different ways. Some include it along the cheekbones to lift the face, at the inner corner of the eyes, or as a shimmer shadow.

Tammy Fender

Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare

Hero Product: Ultra-Concentrated Qunitessedntial Serum 


What it is: I created Quintessential Serum, blended with precious rose and frankincense, as the ultimate face serum, nurturing the complexion with all the most powerful regenerative remedies of the plant kingdom. With just one to two drops, it restores the skin with a wealth of rejuvenating nutrients, while creating a protective luminescence at the surface.

Why I love it: Quintessential Serum is incredibly versatile—you can super-boost your favorite moisturizing cream by blending in a drop of serum in the palm of your hand. You can layer it over Awakening Eye Gel, bringing extra support to the delicate eye area. I love to apply it not only in the morning or at bedtime, but in the late afternoon, reawakening the complexion after a long day.

How to use it: The serum is so rich—really, you only need one or two drops to experience the effects immediately. Using your fingertips, you simply tap-tap-tap it into the skin, across the brow, around the eyes, and over the cheekbones and jaw, encouraging circulation. Rub any extra that remains on your fingers into your cuticles and the ends of your hair, bringing those areas a little loving care as well.

Ezinne Iroanya-Adeoye


Hero product: Devine Body Oil


What it is: The Devine Body Oil produces a sultry and silky feeling, filled with rich oils to keep your skin soft and healthy. Laced with the fragrance oil, Egyptian Honey, this will carry you into your highest form of self-care.

Why I love it: The body oil is inspired by my little sister, who would have an intense breakout when using alcohol-based fragrances and typical lotions. I was tasked with developing a product that would not only hydrate her skin but let off an incredible fragrance reminiscent of “A modern-day Chanel No. 5.” Devine Body Oil has a powdery undertone, but it’s also very sweet by the time it settles into your chemistry.

How to use it: Devine Body Oil is also 100% perfume, which allows you to diversify its use. You could layer it on as a body oil for a hydrating moisturizer or simply dab a few drops onto your highpoints like your temple, wrists, or neck for a long-lasting aroma. It’s what you would consider a “dry oil,” meaning it easily glides on but doesn’t have a greasy, oily feeling.

Stormi Steele

Canvas Beauty

Hero product: Canvas Hair Blossom Serum


What it is: The Canvas Hair Blossom Serum is truly one of a kind. This serum helps to achieve tremendous growth and increases the overall health of your hair.

Why I love it: When I began creating the Blossom Serum in my home kitchen, I had no idea I’d be where I am today. I love it because you can use it on a variety of hair types and the results will all be the same—growth of healthy hair.

How to use it: The best way to apply the Blossom Serum is directly to your scalp for 2C-4C hair types. For 1A-2C hair, apply it before every shampoo and wash out after 45 minutes. My favorite trick is to use the serum as a deep conditioner. Simply apply to your scalp after shampooing, cover with a plastic cap for 45 minutes, and shampoo out for super silky hair.

Lyda Djarar Fischer

Lyda Beauty

Hero product: Twisted Stick


What it is: Twisted Stick is a no-smudge cream eyeshadow that stays put all day. It is the first cream eyeshadow pen conveniently designed with a built-in brush. It comes in three stunning colors with more to come.

Why I love it: I absolutely love Twisted Sticks because they are vegan (non-toxic), last all day, and their design makes it easy to swipe and go. Since they are travel-friendly, I can take them with me anywhere and they don’t take up much space.

How to use it: Twisted Sticks are shimmery, so a little trick I like to do is use it as a highlighter as well (shout out to my make-up artist, Ana, for this tip).

Kathleen Fuentes

Lights Lacquer

Hero product:Book of Spells Nail Magic Strengthener & Nourishing Elixir

$22 ,

What it is: This elixir provides a fortifying complex that strengthens nails and supports healthy nail growth. Wear it alone or as a base coat under your favorite Lights Lacquer shade. You’ll get a flush of color to brighten and enhance your natural nail beds while its hyaluronic acid and vitamin E moisturizer helps prevent breakage and the appearance of weak, brittle nails.

Why I love it: As a nail aficionado, I know that nothing completes a fresh mani like long, healthy, nourished nails. The nourishing elixir actually looks incredible as a stand-alone color while nourishing nails, and the glossy magic strengthener also doubles as a top-coat.

How to use it: The secret to the perfect polished look is using the brush, which is an oval stem, with rounded flat brushes for a perfectly smooth application. It’s ideal for all nail sizes and nail beds.


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