Begin Anywhere: A Journal

John Lennon wrote, “Life is what is happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” While I agree, to some degree, I also believe planning is a crucial part of your productivity.

I started keeping a diary at 7 years old, after my parent divorced. I couldn’t verbalize it then, but today I understand the power that lies in the written word. In this ever changing tech-filled world we are living in, nothing compares to the release you feel when writing your emotions and thoughts down on paper. Journaling can help you to improve your mood, prioritize problems, fears, and concerns. In simple terms: journaling makes the world seem clearer. Need a great journaling resource? Pen and paper. Just write. 

As a busy mom, wife + entrepreneur, this planner encompasses my 20+ combined years of experience in education, marketing + business. This journal is a counter to the endless to do lists in our heads.

In this hybrid planner and journal, you can own each day in a way that works for you while still managing to enjoy the process. Let’s roll! Preorder HERE!

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