BELLA Beauty Awards 2022

BELLA Beauty Director Janene Mascarella spent the entire year scrubbing, spritzing, spraying, and sampling all the products she could get her hands on to bring you the very best beauty products worth your time and money.

And the winners are… 

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 Most Super Sonic

The Aquasonic HDC Pro is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic toothbrush with advanced technology. This compact water flosser with multiple pressure settings and modes come all in one sleek, neat, and compact setup so you can keep all your bathroom countertop space. $89.95, Amazon

Best Beauty Newbies

Best in Glow

YOUNIQUE DAILY·YOU Liquid Collagen Shot is formulated with powerful marine collagen and nourishing ingredients, so it’s no surprise that just one powerful shot a day can help revitalize and strengthen for skin that appears more hydrated, supple, even, smooth, bright, full, bouncy, and youthfully radiant. 30-count: $99,

Best in Tress’d

Best Beauty Buys $20 or less

Dreamiest Night Treatment

Beverly Hills MD Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment is a powerhouse serum with cutting-edge compounds that penetrate deep down to help support the skin’s own nightly repair process. $88,

Best Body Beautifier

Repêchage – Vita Cura® CelluSea LiftTM Body Contour Cream is powered by three seaweed extracts to help smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of dimpled, orange-peel skin in all areas of concern. $70,

Most Worthy of the Splurge

Natura Bissé Diamond Cocoon Sheer Eye is designed to prevent and counteract premature aging caused by modern pollution, blue light, and stress. The lightweight cream repairs, protects, and strengthens the skin quite remarkably. $175,


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