BELLA Bosses – Jessie Young

Jessica (Jessie) Young

New York City

Business/Brand/Company: Uber Technologies

Title: Global Manager, New Verticals


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MY BUSINESS: Uber reimagines the way the world moves for the better. My job is to reimagine how and what we deliver to people through new categories and new business models. On the side, I run a women’s peer-to-peer mentoring network and make headbands called “halos” (check it out at This is a held network for women to find their halos, and to hold each other up.

IN THE BEGINNING: When I joined Uber Eats in ANZ, there were 6 dedicated leaders grappling with whether restaurant delivered food was a viable extension for a company that had focussed on mobility. So began a wild ride: growing the Eats business, taking Uber through IPO from Australia, launching grocery and convenience in ANZ and then across 4 subsequent regions, and now leading our global new verticals, launching new products and new types of merchants on our Uber app.

MOST REWARDING: Solving difficult problems in a pioneering environment, day-in, day-out. We’re on the bleeding edge of changing the way people move, consume and earn, and we’re doing things for the first time. Seeing those growth bets flounder and flourish, but always learning and moving forward, is ultimately fulfilling.

SECRET TO MY SUCCESS: To what do you aspire and of what do you defend? Know this, and you will find the times, places, spaces and people for big bets that amplify your impact. Know this, and you will equally know when to be humble, take stock, and create space with serenity and grace. There is a time for both, so knowing my ‘why’ has been crucial.


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