BELLA Family: Book of the Week

In celebration of Back to School Season, BELLA Family is proud to present a book of the week to get your little ones ready and excited for a new year!

This week’s pick is Ack! The Nantucket Duckling by A.K. Spurway.

The endearing narrative and illustrations bring us on an adventure with Ack, a darling little duckling whose beak is a unique and different shape. Ack’s beak also doesn’t make a traditional “quack” sound, but an alarming “ack!”. Ack yearns to blend in and be just like the other ducklings.

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On his journey to accept and take pride in the beauty of his beak and unique sound, we meet other characters along the way like Wilson Wigglesworth and Mrs. Crabapple, who all play a part in Ack’s heroic act for his community!

“Too often, kids mock one another for something about their looks, from their skin color and size, to glasses and acne,” notes parenting expert and mother of three, A.K. Spurway.

“As a child, I was bullied,” shares Spurway, who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. “No one wants to be ridiculed or felt left out of the action. Part of Ack’s story and character comes from what I experienced. I wanted to make sure my own children – and children everywhere – feel appreciated and accepted for who they are.”


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