Bella Interviews Dr. Pierre Dukan On His Current Book "The Dukan Diet Made Easy", And Learns Dukan's Favorite Spice!

Bella Interviews Dr. Dukan on his book "The Dukan Diet Made Easy" at Blue Water Grill NYC

The holidays are just around the corner and many of us stress over the endless calories that will bring to the plate and inches to our waist. The Dukan Diet might just be a great way to embrace those calories and gain control of weight management. As a Food Writer, it is difficult to manage this on a continual basis: and I have tried juicing as a balance. But juicing can leave you feeling deprived… and “a girl’s gotta eat”!

Recently, Bella caught up with Dr. Pierre Dukan over dinner at Blue Water Grill. What we learned, is that Dr. Dukan is passionate and was able to order off the menu and stick to his own diet. Besides Dr. Dukan’s French accent…we just loved listening to the success stories and how it all started. Basically, the Dukan Diet was created to allow people to eat and still lose weight. It thrives on four phases and one super star ingredient. What is that ingredient? It’s Oat Bran! It brushes out the toxins in your intestines and at the same time, makes you feel full.

Here is Bella’s breakdown of the four phases for long-term weight management:

1.) Attack Phase

  • Last 1-10 days
  • No calorie counting
  • Eat only lean meats, fat-free dairy and oat bran

2.) Cruise Phase

  • Continue the same as above, but add non starchy vegetables until you reach your goal weight.

3.) Consolidation Phase

  • Here you add carbohydrates back to your diet.
  • Allowed two “Celebration Meals” a week.
  • Once a week must eat only lean protein.

4.) Stabilzation Phase

  • Follow three rules
    • One day a week, and on the same day every week: eat only lean meat.
    • Eat three tablespoons of Oat Bran every day for the rest of your life. Sound difficult and not appetizing? Dr. Dukan has plenty of snacks and recipe ideas to help.
    • Never take the easy route. Avoid elevators and escalators. Instead, opt for the stair case and walk 20 minutes a day.

For more on the Dukan Diet and great recipes, make sure to grab your copy of “The Dukan Diet Made Easy” at

We love that you don’t need to give up the foods you love forever, just in moderation until you reach your goal weight. I love anything with cumin in it, and found out that cumin is Dr. Dukan’s favorite spice! The Dukan Diet Cookbook shows many ways to keep the spice in your diet and reach your target weight without too much compromise.


Bella Interviews Dr. Dukan on his book "The Dukan Diet Made Easy" at Blue Water Grill NYC
Dr. Pierre Dukan and Boston Scarlette at Blue Water Grill

Tweet me @BostonScarlette your thoughts on the Dukan Diet and what is your “Celebration Meal”. Also, how would you celebrate when you reach your target weight? We want to know.

Disclaimer: Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise of diet.

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