BELLA NYC ONLINE Exclusive: Zang Toi Fall 2013 Show

The Zang Toi Fall 2013 Show astonished the crowed during Mercedes Benz Fashion New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center as models gracefully walked down the runway in jewel-tone gowns resplendent with crown jewels, fur-trimmed suits and wraps. The majestic models fiercely strutted down the runway to Sting’s “Russians” and the iconic, Academy Award-winning theme from Dr. Zhivago scored by legendary composer Maurice Jarre, spectators were plunged into a world of overflowing opulence and couture glamour. “My Fall 2013 collection is a modern take on imperial Russia. I was inspired by the Fabergé egg and the mouldings of Peterhof Palace,” says visionary designer Zang Toi. And like a Fabergé egg and Peterhof Palace, clothes were intricately detailed, spectacularly structured and simply breathtaking.

Zang Toi Fall 2013 Show

Pivotal to completing the look was hair designed by Eiji Yamane of Eiji Salon who worked closely with Zang. “Whenever you see a Russian collection, there are associated with large fur hats. With my take on Russia, I wanted the hair to be very couture and textured so that we didn’t need a hat,” says Zang. Exclusively using René Furterer products, Eiji and his staff relied on the versatility of the line to create the towering asymmetrical updo. “By the time models come to us their hair can be damaged from constant styling and overuse of tools. With René Furterer, their products help deliver the look we want on the runway while also helping to make hair healthier,” states Eiji. Below, Eiji details step by step how he constructed the royally couture coif.

Ø  “I began by wetting hair down with water and running René Furterer VEGETAL SCULPTING GEL throughout hair which helped to enhance and hold the curls that are central to this look.”

Ø  “I made a deep side part, and then alternated between a ½” and ¾” curling iron and grabbed small pieces of hair close to the roots. I twisted hair around barrels without letting go of hair ends, which created the spiral we needed. I took care to leave hair surrounding the side part, smooth and uncurled, using long hair clips to hold parted hair in place where needed.”

Ø  “After entire head was covered in curls, I used two pumps of the René Furterer KARITE leave-in repairing serum and applied it to ends of hair to nourish and smooth damaged hair.”

Ø ” I then liberally sprayed curls with René Furterer NATURIA dry shampoo and carefully rubbed the dry shampoo into curls with my fingers. We wanted to create major texture, but we made sure to maintain the structure of curl.”

Ø  “Next, I took each curl end off the shoulders and pinned it to the crown of the head. At this point, I wanted to make sure hair was building some height and was puffed out and wider at the sides.”

Ø ” Prior to the show, we curled idream HAIR extensions that matched each model’s hair color. I sewed the extensions into a netted cap and placed stuffing into each cap. Again, to create the texture, and the frizz that we needed I sprayed extensions with René Furterer NATURIA dry shampoo and rubbed into hair with my fingers.”

Ø  “Carefully placing the stuffed cap opposite the side part, we securely pinned the cap onto the top of each model’s head to create the asymmetry we required. We continued to pin ends of curls throughout the head and to cover any of the cap or stuffing that may have been showing through hair.”

Ø  “To finish, I misted on René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY for a touchably soft yet long-lasting hold. Depending on the clothes the model was set to wear, for some models we placed a jeweled Zang Toi bobby pin near the center of the part. Finally, to make the center part look impeccably sleek to counterbalance the texturized curls, I rubbed a small amount of the René Furterer STYLING WAX onto parted hair.”

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