Over the course of my internship, I have come to fully realize how much technology is altering our society. Technology is becoming more and more prevalent, and as a result, some print magazines are starting to go out of business. For one of our social media posts, I was asked to walk around SoHo and take picture of a girl reading a book. This was to help promote our “Sizzling Summer Reads” section in the Hamptons Issue. As I walked around the city for a half hour, I didn’t pass one person with a book in their hand. Everyone I saw was looking at their phone or laptop. The way we receive our news and read our books is transitioning to digital forms, and print magazines have to accommodate these changes. What I have enjoyed most about working at BELLA is seeing how they are changing their brand to comply with these shifts in our society. BELLA is working not only on producing print version, but also expanding their digital content through BELLA TV. I helped come up with ideas for BELLA TV’s  New York Street Talk instagram page, and have even been featured in some of their posts. Technology is not going to stop advancing, so I am fortunate to be working at BELLA so I can learn what strategies magazines are using to adapt to our constantly changing society.

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By Anna Jewell

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