BELLA’s Summer-to-Fall Beauty Lifesavers

Transitions can be tough. But one thing that won’t be tough is seamlessly going from summer to fall with your beauty regime. These are some of our current favorites products that you need to pick up and start implementing in your regular self-care agenda. Thank us later.

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INIKA Organic Phytofuse Renew Reservatrol Serum ($79) – Who doesn’t want younger looking skin? This INIKA Organic serum will help you on your way. Infused with 14 botanical oils, the antioxidant-packed serum was specially designed and clinically tested to boost your skincare results and revitalize your skin. Reservatrol grape juice extract helps shield your skin from pollution, reduce the risk of skin damager, and fights premature aging. Clinical studies showed improved skin tone, hydration, and elasticity and firmness, as well as a decrease in wrinkles. Plus, the organic, cruelty-free, halal and vegan company is one you can feel good about buying from.

Remilia Hair The Cosmocap ($27) – I cannot say enough good things about Remiliar Hair. This product, a lightweight keratin serum treatment, is applied post-shower to damp or dry hair, resulting in instantly gorgeous and glossy locks. Each capsule (which are made of seaweed in lieu of plastic or gelatin) contains expertly designed serum formulated to revive dully, damaged and dry hair. Safe for use on keratin, color, and chemically-treated hair, this tiny little capsule transforms my hair when I use one. Obsessed.

KIMTRUE Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm ($19.99) – Headquartered in Los Angeles, KIMTRUE is a personalized beauty brand that focuses on formulated results-focused care products. Their cleansing balm, made with bilberry and moringa seed extracts, provides a silky, easy to use, balm that literally melts your make-up right off, pesky mascara included. Bonus: your skin feels so soft after using, without stripping your skin barrier.

Foxtrot Market Best Bubs Rubber Ducky Bath Bomb ($12) – Brought to you by Foxtrot Market, Best Bubs is their new self-care and beauty brand inspired by youthful joy, and encouraging people to indulge in a little TLC. Their rubber ducky bath bomb is made with peppermint and citrus to provide users with uplifting energy. Soak in all its glory.

Environ Focus Care Moisture+ HA Intensive Hydrating Serum ($98) – One of the best HA serums out there, Environ’s light, concentrated formula provides your skin moisture in a bottle. Hyaluronic acid is known to improve dry skin, fine lines, and photo-damaged skin, and this serum does just that. It’s a sad day when the bottle runs out.

Somebody Electric Daisy Brightening Exfoliant ($36) – This BIPOC-owned self care brand uses potent, effective and raw ingredients to give users a boost in beauty confidence. Their brightening exfoliant uses ultra-fine volcanic sand that won’t irritate your skin, along with natural ingredients such as glycolic acid, HA fruit acids, and electric daisy, which provides a tightening effect. If you’re prone to dry skin during the hot summer months, this is the product for you. 

Jason Wu Beauty Tinted Moisturized Meets CC Cream ($2o) – It can get *hot* during the summer and for those looking for some lighter coverage that you won’t sweat off, this is the ticket. Infused with vitamin B3, vitamin E, and goji berry extract, this moisturizer will help your skin both look and feel healthy, all while providing light, even coverage.

Phyto Novathrix Ultimate Densifying Treatment ($95) –  Do you have annoyingly thin hair? Phyto’s densifying treatment is worth every penny,  using celery seed extract and other natural ingredients to boost healthy hair and improve density. The non-oily formula is designed for the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth, slows down hair thinning, and improve your hair’s strength. It’s a small bottle that does big things


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