#BELLATV: BELLA to the Core – 5 Gift Ideas With Soul


If you’re looking to be mindful and intentional with your gift-giving this holiday season, BELLA to the Core host Vanessa Coppes has some fabulous ideas for you:

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  1. Give the gift of life experiences. We gain more happiness from experiences than by material possessions. Consider creating a memorable moment by organizing an adventure, a picnic, a brunch, an outdoor movie, or a hiking trip.
  2. Give the gift of knowledge with books. A book has the power to wake a person up to a new way of thinking. It can inspire them and change the trajectory of their life. We have plenty of options to choose from inside the current issue of BELLA. Pick up a copy in any Barnes & Noble or order online now!
  3. Give the gift of personal or professional development. Workshops, coaching or online courses can be really important to someone who values investing in themselves. When you gift someone the opportunity to attend a workshop or an online course on a subject that interests them or would serve them, you are helping them spend time and energy on their most important asset: themselves.
  4. Give the gift of a planner. Most people use planners to track their daily and yearly progress, so they make great gifts that will go to great use.
  5. Give the gift of meaningful jewelry. There are many beautiful brands creating meaningful jewelry to support people with things like self-love, self-confidence, attracting love, abundance, feeling grounded, awakening their chakras, and manifesting. Wearing this jewelry daily is intentional and makes for a very powerful and soulful gift.

We hope these gift ideas with soul help spark your thinking, help you lead with your heart, and carry you with love through the new year!

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