#BELLATV: How Our BELLAS Are Keeping Fit At Home

The world today has changed most of our daily lives in many different ways. Besides how we work and how we socialize, it has changed the way many of us work out. More than ever, exercising is more important during this crisis. We know that being physically active helps to reduce stress and anxiety and can improve our whole overall mood. You don’t need fancy equipment. You need to be creative, work around your circumstances, and of course, have some fun!

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Here is how some members of the BELLA Team are keeping fit!

Lynette Barbieri, BELLA Business Development Associate

I try to work out at least four times a week. My number one exercise of choice is taking a peaceful walk through the trails at the park with my dog, Baxter. I walk at least three miles while I listen to a book on my headphones. But, when the weather isn’t cooperating, or I can’t get to the park, I choose one of my favorite work out videos I keep on my computer. When the weather or the situation doesn’t permit, I do workout videos and lightweight training. This week I have been babysitting, so I go outside and entertain the kids while I get in a little workout at the same time!

Ilsy J. Hoo, BELLA Love Files contributor

Ilsy stays active by walking her 10 – year old Bison poodle, Amarone. Since she is unable to go to the gym, her daily walk always helps her to stay on track with living a healthy lifestyle.

Raffaela Pontecorvo, BELLA Administrative Assistant

Here is my morning routine. I row upstairs, and downstairs has become a makeshift weight room. Working out is very important to me; it helps keep me sane! ,

Gina LaGuardia, BELLA Editorial Director

I’m doing my best to stay fit and keep connected to my local gym via zoom workouts. I also participated in a running challenge with my fitness friends. As a part of that, I completed 26 miles in a month challenge in just under two weeks – an unbelievable feat for someone who – let me be blunt – HATES running. The silver lining in the current pandemic is that I now hate running slightly less. 🙂

Paula Orlan, BELLA Fashion Stylist

The past few weeks have been crazy for everyone. I find it very important for my sanity to keep some kind of routine, including an exercise schedule. I especially enjoy doing my stability ball outside in the sunshine!

Mindy Gura, BELLA Fashion Stylist

My Peloton machine is my best friend during this quarantine. It keeps me in shape and gives me a mental boost as well.

Kelly Bellucci, BELLA Contributor

So I am very into strength training as you can see here. I like to focus on full-body workouts while at home so I can hit every muscle group as effectively as I can. I’m also always sure to incorporate big compound movements, such as squats and deadlifts, into my daily routine. These are great for building muscle and increasing mobility as well. You do not need any weight for this circuit to be effective, body-weight just as well. If you’d like to add resistance, get creative! You can use a backpack filled with water bottles, or even hold your dog/cat.

Chanel Omari, Real Talk With BELLA Magazine’s Podcast co-host

Chanel shares her tips on working out at home to stay fit and healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. She shows us some simple workouts without having to use any machines to train with some of your favorite workout trainers virtually while quarantining at home.

Jennifer Capella, BELLA Celebrity Hair Stylist

Not being able to go to the gym these days, I never would have thought I would find the best workout partner who is also my weight! Staying on top of yourself is essential. I try to keep fit while including my girls. It makes it fun for them and challenging for me.

Vanessa Coppes CEO + Editor-In-Chief, BELLA Magazine

We know exercise improves not just your physical health, but also your mental well – being. I work out from Monday – Saturday because lately, it seems like saying I have no time is a blatant lie. I do yoga three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and I am joined by the ETTWomen online community and we all do yoga together. This holds me incredibly accountable to my practice. I like to switch things up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays where there it’s a bit more intense and Fridays it’s dance party time! I will shuffle my playlist and literally just dance to whatever song comes on first for an hour. Not only do I break a great sweat, but more importantly, I make myself laugh -a lot. I hope you enjoy it.


We hope these recommendations help you LIVE YOUR MOST BELLA LIFE!

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