“Best Actress” Winner, Anastasia Antonia, In Hit NBC Series, Quantum Leap

Anastasia Antonia from the reboot hit series, QUANTUM LEAP. Quantum Leap, which is serving as a sequel to the original series, takes place 30 years after Dr. Beckett vanished into the Quantum Leap accelerator, and follows a new team led by physicist Ben Song (Raymond Lee) who tries to understand the complexities of this time travel technology. QUANTUM LEAP airs on Sept 19th, one episode every week on NBC (2.5 months) and then you can watch it on PEACOCK right after that episode goes live on NBC.

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Anastasia plays the role of Eva Sandoval, a beautiful and confident bounty hunter living her life in the 80’s and was born and raised as a proud daughter of a Los Angeles bondsman. Her partner, Jake, who is played by THIS IS US star, Justin Hartley works tirelessly by her side and wants to desperately marry, but Eva is not so sure. Dr. Ben Song, played by Raymond Lee, leaps back into time and into Eva’s body to change the course of a case that her and Jake are currently working on. Touched by the love Jake has for Eva, Dr. Ben takes the time to go beyond his mission to sweeten the situation for Eva and you have to tune in to see what happens.

You may also recognize Anastasia in many other projects, one of them is winning “Best Actress” for her lead performance in 86 Melrose Avenue at the Idyllwild International Film Festival.  Anastasia, in her first professional role, played across from Oscar Winner and heavy weights, John C. Reilly and Sean William Scott in the film, The Promotion. She has also been a part of a handful of TV series that include, The Affair and some shorts that have garnered attention international attention.

Anastasia Antonia, of Lebanese, Mexican, Spanish, Greek and Scandinavian decent began her career when she was discovered by an agent at top modeling agency, Ford Models. She has appeared in many magazines and campaigns, modeling for high fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. Through her success as a model, Anastasia was able to step into a career as an actress. For fun, Anastasia loves to spend time with her family and friends and is passionate about spirituality and can catch her tuning into a hockey game when she has the time


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