Best Slimming Styles for Problem Areas

Looking slim and sleek is all the craze. While a healthy lifestyle is the goal, with all the current diet regimes and intense workout ideas, looking slender can feel difficult to achieve. Some of us just don’t have the willpower to keep it up long enough, while others have medical conditions that cause extra weight gain. The good news is that wherever you are in your wellness journey, there are some easy styles that anyone can adopt to look slimmer this season. Even better? They take less than 10 minutes to put together.

Accentuate Your Middle

The waist is generally the smallest part of your torso, so finding a way to highlight this can make your overall physique look slimmer. You can trick the eye into seeing an hourglass figure by wearing a high-waisted pair of pants with a loosely tucked-in shirt. You can also achieve this effect with a cinched dress that bunches up in the middle. If you have a dress without the cinch, then use a belt to accentuate your waist. Wear a light jacket that is also the length of your waist for additional definition. Pair this outfit with high-heeled stilettos to give the impression that you are taller as well.

Flattened Capris and Straight Cuts

If your problem area is your legs, then straight-cut pants are ideal. They don’t hug the legs too tightly and create a straight look that makes your legs look the same size all the way down to your toes. Capris are just a bit shorter than full-length pants, reaching to your ankles. If you separate your feet from your legs with the right length you can use your ankles as the focal point to look slimmer.

Flattened capris are especially great because they don’t have a buckle, button, or zip to fasten. You just slip them on and pull them up. Have a look at Tribal’s Flatten It Collection for an idea of the perfect pair of pants for slim-looking legs. 

One Color or Vertical Stripes

Dressing in many different colors just highlights all the different parts of your body. Instead of defining just your hips or arms, you outline every inch of you. To avoid this, dress in one color to give the impression that you are taller than you actually are, as well as slimmer. You can create a nice sweeping effect with a full-length black dress and a small belt around your waist.

Vertical stripes give a similar effect. Horizontal stripes will make you look wider, especially around the hips. Go for stripes that run from your collarbone, over your chest, and down towards the middle of your thigh. This will make it look like you have thin waist-torso ratio body measurements which instantly makes you look leaner.

Dressing to cover up areas of your body that you are subconscious of doesn’t need a skilled fashion designer. The idea is to keep it simple and work with one item rather than many parts that can add bulk to your physique. Work on highlighting your best features with signature pieces that draw the eye to the point you want to place focus on.

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