Bevini Modena—An Italian Handbag Label For Today’s Fashionista


The handbag makes the woman. This is especially true if you are fortunate enough to carry one of the exquisite designs of Bevini Modena, a luxury handbag line where each piece is handmade in Italy by local artisans and crafted using only the highest quality leather and sustainable materials—such as organic fabrics and vintage denim.

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A few months ago, while in the middle of styling an editorial spread, I happened upon Bevini Modena in my Instagram feed. Always on the hunt for unique and affordable labels—my interest was piqued. Would they be interested in being featured in my fashion spread? The answer—a resounding “yes”. This was the beginning of a new friendship with this close-knit family-owned business, who took me under their wing and made me feel like one of their own. During NYC’s Coterie, I had the pleasure of meeting in person the designer’s brother, Matteo Bevini, and his amazing partner Laura Gaddo Delassis. I was able to see first-hand these incredibly gorgeous and stylish handbags and to learn more about the story behind the brand.

“We were honored when Kristen approached us. After learning more about her, her work and the message she is giving to women to be more confident with themselves, we knew she would be a perfect fit within our family. We want our bags to provide just that: the feeling of confidence.”

Bevini Modena was created in 2004 by Giovanni Bevini, an established Italian designer. The line is showcased in some of the finest stores worldwide, with its primary market being Modena, Italy and Osaka, Japan. Seeing the incredible success and feeling passionate about the brand, Matteo and Laura made the decision to bring the line to the United States in 2017, with their offices and showroom based in Los Angeles.

The inspiration behind each bag comes from numerous Italian cities personally visited by the designer, from landscape and cultures to food and dialects. The outcome—sophisticated, elegant and timeless handbags. But more importantly—quality. Add to that the very affordable price point and you have the makings for a hugely successful label.

What makes these bags unique and special? In today’s world, where so many designs are mass produced in factories, the human factor sometimes gets lost. It is refreshing to see a family-owned and run business offering a quality product at an affordable price. If you are a handbag obsessed like me, then you already know the challenges in finding one that doesn’t break the bank. With designs ranging from classic everyday, to evening clutches and bags that convert from handbag to backpack—the choices are endless. Some of the current bags are crafted in the most stunning snakeskin print keeping them very much on-trend.

“The key to our success is the close relationship we have with the best tanneries available in Italy, where we see not only the trends in colors but also the latest texture and patterns available.”

“Born and based in Italy, the fashion capital of the world, we are constantly challenged to discover new styles and stay on top of the trends. We are fortunate to have the best materials and the best craftsmanship and we welcome the challenge to be relevant season after season.”

When it comes to handbags in general, for both myself and my clients, I prefer to showcase my own unique taste and style but also demand quality craftsmanship and material. While I do own some high-end designer bags, you will definitely catch me rocking some of these fabulous bags before everyone else catches on to this amazing find.

You can shop the Bevini Modena line at an amazing 30% discount using my code KR30 on their website


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