Beyond the Blow Out

Beyond the Blow Out: Your Favorite Hair Services Now Come To You

Concihairge, the on-demand styling service that brings the full salon experience into personal homes and offices is on the rise. Concihairge is the answer for those busy women who want to look and feel glamorous without a hefty price tag or time commitment. With their on-demand, in-home salon services they deliver beautiful hair and confidence straight to your door. We sat down with founder and CEO Stephanie Cleck to learn more about her passion, the industry as a whole and the services Concihairge offers.

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1. How did you come up with the idea of the on-demand styling service?

I had been a licensed hair stylist for more than 10 years when I got pregnant with our first child. In the months after giving birth to our daughter, I wanted to find a career opportunity that would allow me to continue with my passion for hairstyling while allowing me the time to be with my baby. At the same time, I realized the difficulty in getting to the salon for a busy mom and the idea for Concihairge was born. Out of necessity, creative thinking, and a few supportive friends who became clients I was able to find a new way to provide hair services outside of the traditional salon setting.

2. How does Concihairge work?

Typically, a first time client will request an appointment via our website or email so there is no need to wait for normal salon hours to speak to a receptionist. Our Client Coordinator contactsxx the client and it’s as simple as telling Concihairge what services you need done, where you want it done (home, office, etc) and what time works best for you. Time and date options are offered to meet the client’s needs (schedule around baby’s nap time, a conference call, school pick-ups, etc). A Concihairge Regional Stylist contacts the client by phone or email to discuss the client’s unique needs and – voila! – the Regional Stylist shows up at the client’s door at the time of their appointment. The stylists bring everything they need for each appointment except the water! They take care of the set up and clean up – they leave the client with a beautiful cut and style without the client having to leave their home, sit in traffic, schedule a babysitter, or miss work.

3. What services do you offer?

I founded Concihairge on the belief that busy women shouldn’t have to go to the salon to have great hair but should be able to get that salon-quality experience right in the convenience of their own homes so it’s always been my goal to provide the same menu of services that any woman can get in the salon. Currently, we offer an array of hair painting, coloring, foiling, keratin, haircuts, styling, and blowouts.

4. Where did it all start? Where would you like to expand to?

I started in 2008 as a one-woman show delivering the full complement of salon hair services to clients in the Arlington/Alexandria area outside Washington, DC. As word of mouth spread about this new and innovative salon concept, demand for my services grew quickly. Today, Concihairge is proud to employ nine women who serve the busy moms, working women, and their families in the Philadelphia and Northern Virginia suburbs. I have stepped away from doing hair myself and now focus on leading Concihairge’s continued growth while keeping an eye on new trends in the hair industry. We continue to look at emerging markets with the long-term goal of providing Concihairge services near most major metropolitan cities in the US.

5. As a CEO and mother do you have any advice for other female entrepreneurs?

There is no perfect recipe for balancing your priorities or for wearing all of the hats at all times. At times, family, friendships, and work will all suffer, but whether you’re an MBA grad from Wharton or a simple hair stylist from Memphis, the opportunities for you to flourish as an entrepreneur are largely the same in today’s globalized world. No matter your background or pedigree, the secret to your success is still your ability to surround yourself with people who can help you grow, who fill in gaps in your skill sets, and who help you ride the roller coaster of up’s and down’s during the early days of every small business. They say it takes a village to raise kids…I now know that it also takes a village to grow a business and I’ve been lucky to find a couple of supportive groups of entrepreneurial women who are great sounding boards, provide a place to ask for referrals, and serve as my most amazing group of cheerleaders.

6. At BELLA we believe that Beauty is Defined by You! How do you define beauty?

Confidence is beautiful to me. That’s a quality that transcends external beauty. Especially confidence that is discovered through previous failures. We all fail but finding confidence in yourself and your decisions moving forward is truly beautiful.


By Alissa Zarrabi

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