Black History Month: Jude Bernard, Real Estate Developer + Financial Empowerment Educator

With over 24 years and over $100 million in real estate transactions, Jude Bernard is one of the most well respected voices in New York City’s highly competitive real estate industry. Battling some hard knocks and some hard times, he is proof positive that hard work, dedication and perseverance bring sweet rewards. Now, giving back is a primary passion. With his non-profit organization The Brooklyn Bank, he mentors the next generation about financial literacy while providing a community hub for the neighborhood that provides resources and support. BELLA spoke to him about his entrepreneurial lessons.

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What gave you the strength to overcome the obstacles in your life?  

The fear of being average and the desire to make an impact keeps me focused. I never wanted to be a hamster on a treadmill spinning my wheels and going nowhere. I knew that by rising above the challenges it was the only way I could help the people I cared about.

What is the best piece of financial advice you have for young adults in their 20’s and 30’s?

Start investing yesterday. Practice the art of delayed gratification. Make the sacrifices early in life while you have a support system and your responsibilities are minimal.

Give us the best tip you have learned about successful real estate investing. 

Properly educate yourself before jumping in. Mistakes are costly. Taking the time to learn neighborhoods, strategies, vendors and rules of the game is the best way to make money.

What’s the next step for Jude Bernard?

My passion for winning has evolved. Instead of measuring success by my personal accomplishments, I now measure it with how many people I can help achieve their personal goals. I started The Brooklyn Bank so that I can empower more of my people with financial literacy.

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