Black-Owned Businesses to Support in 2022

Last February America turned out in support of Black-owned businesses after 2020’s Black Lives Matter movement captured America’s attention. BLM was at the forefront of the news. Let’s not let that momentum fade! 41% of Black-owned businesses shut down between February and April of 2020, according to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. These businesses below are all Black-owned and range from technology to health and wellness. Some are surviving the pandemic, others have just launched!


HerSpaceCo. is a lifestyle brand that is essential for life on the go. Get prepared in style and functionality with its gorgeous planner, a life system for today’s women. The Layered Living Planner is the star of the show. Its signature components are in tune with the modern woman, created with intention by two inspiring women that are all about empowering others to lead an unapologetic life with purpose and commitment to self. Use the planner and you’ll be the CEO of your life in no time. This planner hits all points, navigating women in beauty, spirituality, and peace.

Price: $58.00 – $85.00


Lisa Love is the CMO and Co-Founder of Tanoshi, where the mission is to prepare all kids for a digital future, no matter their socio-economic background. The Shark Tank-winning startup is excited to announce the release of their new kids’ laptop, the Tanoshi Scholar. With greater durability, more educational content developed by award-winning educators, and with Zoom and Google Meet compatibility, the Scholar is ideal for distance learning. The Android 10-based Tanoshi Scholar has all of the features of the Tanoshi 2-in-1 including a detachable ergonomic keyboard, pre-loaded apps for distance learning such as Google Docs & Sheets, learn to code apps, and the ability to use with or without Internet access. Tanoshi believes every child should have a reliable computer at home, where they can develop the skills necessary for future success.

Price: $299.99

Lucky Soul Inc. 

SoulTox, created by Lucky Soul, is the brainchild of Black entrepreneur Vinnie Merrill. His journey is living proof of the benefits of listening to your inner soul when you know things are just not right. This all-natural hydration, alkaline 10PH+ recovery water helps bodies perform better, whether you’re athletic or simply looking to improve your overall health. Unlike other recovery drinks, SoulTox aids in digestive health and is a complete source of plant-based nutrients with 77 trace minerals and 11 natural amino acids in an alkaline balanced state.

Price: $31.99

Manna Juice Bar

With the holidays around the corner, you may think starting a healthy habit is pointless. Yet, making a simple change will go a long way in making you feel better for upcoming celebrations. Manna Juice Bar is an easy step to add to your daily routine. The brand offers delicious cold-pressed juices filled with nutrients and all-natural ingredients. It’s the healthy dessert you’ll want on your seasonal menu. The Dallas-based brand operates a storefront in the Mansfield suburb and now offers its selections nationwide via its e-commerce site. Samples are available, so take a look at a few offerings below and let me know if you have a preference.

Price: Varies

Nandi Skin Care

Nandi feels that skin should complement any wardrobe with a healthy glow that makes you feel good all over. Putting your best face forward is what Nandi is all about. The confidence-building brand is all-natural and handmade, standing out for its pure and clean ingredients that are non-GMO vegan-friendly, and made with no artificial fragrances. Consisting of African recipes passed down for generations, the Black-owned brand makes skincare products appropriate for the entire family and for every skin type and color. Nandi gives back by donating to nonprofits in Africa.

Self-care is more important now more than ever. That’s why it’s vital to count on a brand that delivers with a combination of the right ingredients and philosophy that consumers can rely on. It’s a great way to check in on yourself daily. Relax and unwind after a long day with these beauty essentials.

Price: Varies


Blurb: WhollyGloss provides the essential gloss that every makeup lover should have in their toolkit. Every item gives the perfect dewy look without being sticky or cakey. Designed with every skin type and color in mind, the rich and pigmented formula shows beautifully on everyone. The high-performing makeup will make you feel sexy, naturally enhanced, soft, sensual, brave, and approachable. WhollyGloss is a creative and innovative beauty brand that embodies angelic beauty.

Price: Starting at $15

TrapStix Lip Balm


TrapStix Lip Balm is an awesome music-inspired lip balm brand. It’s a play on words mixing hip hop and pop artists’ names with all-natural lip balm flavors. The offerings are formulated with gentle, nurturing ingredients such as grapeseed oil, precious coconut oil, and moisturizing sweet almond oil to nourish dry and delicate lips. A touch of beeswax creates a lasting barrier against harsh elements. Gentle notes of signature flavors compose a soft fragrance balm you’ll never want to be without.

Price: $1.50 – $33.49 for Bundle


This Black-owned clothing brand is changing bust support forever! Since launching in January 2021, founder, Black entrepreneur, Marshay Clarke has strived to end the outdated practice and designs of ill-fitting bras and shirts and replace them with sexy, comfortable, and supportive pieces instead. Buzzoms’ clothing is made to be worn without a bra, so you can live life knowing your and your girls are supported.

Price: Starting at $55

So Sweet Bath and Body

So Sweet Bath and Body is a themed self-care brand that serves as a one-stop shop for self-care needs and makes self-care time sweeter. The “bath and body” of the brand speaks to the quality of and ingredients in the products that aid in relaxation, while the “so sweet” speaks to the desserts and sweets that the products look and smell like.

Check out the brand’s best-sellers for a sweet at-home spa experience:

Price: Starting at $7


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