Bridging the Gap Between China and America: Meet High Fashion Model Ran Wei

Chinese model Ran Wei is one of the hottest to hit the runway, with a booming modeling career and killer acting skills. She has definitely earned her place as a model to watch out for in 2020. This fresh-faced talent has modeled for Tom Ford, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, and Miu Miu. With a flourishing career in modeling, Ran is simultaneously pursuing a career in acting, where she has already booked a lead role in the upcoming series Cyborgs Universe, premiering on Netflix in 2020.

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Ran grew up in China, with her grandparents, while her parents were living in America searching for new opportunities. At age 16, Ran moved to California where she began college, taking various art classes, and working in retail on the side. She was featured in her school newspaper for best styleand was often stopped on the street to be asked if she was a model. This came to fruition one day when she was discovered by a talent scout who insisted that she start thinking about a career as a model. Ran wasted no time finding a photographer to begin building her portfolio and it wasn’t much longer before dozens of photographers and brands began offering her jobs, including the likes of Apple,Benefit Cosmetics, and Heineken. Soon after her debut in the modeling industry, Ran caught the attention of local filmmakers and soon discovered her passion for films, partaking in various indie projects.

As a rising star, Ran was quickly scooped up by a talent manager and an agency based in Los Angeles, where she eventually moved for representation and a greater pool of opportunities. Now, living in Los Angeles, Ran continued booking national and international jobs, including her own Applead broadcasted worldwide and in various languages. Other national television commercials includedMacy’s, KFCwith George Hamilton, Fordwith Bryan Cranston, and more.

Today, Ran is the face of the re-branding campaign for Los Angeles’ only outlet shopping center, Citadel Outlets, with billboards and advertisements splashed around the city. Her modeling career continues alongside her budding acting career, including multiple magazine covers and a International campaign in Milan, Italy, for European magazine, Two.

Being an immigrant from China, who was discovered by an American talent scout, soon becoming an actress and model in Hollywood, Chinese news and media outlets were clamoring to cover her journey. The World Journalnewspaper, multiple digital outlets, and CCTV – China’s predominant state television broadcaster – all shared the story of a Chinese girl bridging the gap between China and America through her success in the modeling industry.


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