Bringing the Beauty of Art into Wellness

Young beautiful woman with closing eyes sitting on yoga mat in lotus pose and meditating dreamily spending time in workshop with modern paintings on background

By Jennifer Walsh

Wellness is now a $4.5 trillion industry, and it continues to pick up steam year after year, according to the Global Wellness Institute. Creators, innovators, and investors are all eyeing how to make their mark in this growing space, but most importantly how to do it beautifully and authentically.

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Wellness and art often go hand in hand due to the interconnectedness of beauty to well-being—how we view the world and the things in it and how that ultimately affects the way we feel in our own skin.

Lucky for us, more and more brands understand that good health is what people are seeking.

Here are a few of our favorite products that merge the beauty of art with wellness.


Discover Pillow is no ordinary pillow. This luxurious memory foam goodie is encased in a gorgeous black TriSilk pillowcase, making it a statement piece for your bed. It is the ultimate in helping you get a beautiful, restful sleep—one of the key components to better health. Also on their lineup: Shine By Night, a luxurious vegan beauty pillow that supports clear skin and healthy hair while providing a comfortable, sweat-free sleep experience.



In conjunction with the collection launch earlier this year, the company recently partnered with the Great Khalid Foundation in a contest to offer aspiring singers/songwriters the chance to be mentored by Khalid. He explains the “Write Your Legacy” initiative best: “The voices of young people need to be heard and amplified.” The winner received two 60-minute virtual singing/songwriting workshops with Khalid and his two producers. Also harmonious—the awesome update on the retro shoe design from the ‘70s and 80s, which is available in both men and women’s sizing and multiple color options.



Blue Light Glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harsh blue lights. The filters in their lenses block and/or absorb 40% of blue light rays, which are factors from our time in front of screens and can be detrimental to our sleep. These helpful specs—yep, from actress Drew Barrymore—also help to reduce fatigue and block ultra-violet rays.



Bala Bangles are a sleek way to add resistance to any workout. The bangles can be used on your wrists or ankles, and are perfect to add weight to any workout such as walking, running, yoga, and core training. They are easy to secure and remove, and don’t slip while using.

$40 and up/pair,


Molly Jones are small-batch, handcrafted CBD gummies created by founder Shaina Kerrigan. Not only are they delicious, they are also beautifully packaged in an artisanal box. Local San Francisco Bay artist, Dana Spaeth, who is a photographer and painter, created one of the most recent boxes.



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