Brush Up on the Latest Trends: Beauty Issue’s Hottest Makeup Looks

Soft, full lashes are so out. What’s moving in? The unexpected spikey lash. This fringe is unapologetic and dramatic, with each lash intentionally placed.

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Spikey Lashes


With What: Thickening mascara + eyelash comb

Especially When: For evening wear, use two coats of mascara and pair with an apple red lip used by many designers like Nina Ricci and Celine to stay on trend; for daytime, keep it to one coat of mascara with a lip balm or tint.

Applied Where: Focus mainly on the upper lashes, giving a little wiggle to the bottom lash line for balance

Why Try: To create carefully sculpted lashes for those who like to push the envelope


Glowing Skin



Artists were seen applying Vaseline and oils on models skin to create a high-gloss effect. Translate that into everyday life and we come back to the technique of strobing.

With What: Powder highlighter + fan tool brush

Especially When: For evening wear, use a heavier hand over foundation; for daytime, opt for a cream highlighter and apply lightly with fingertips.

Applied Where: Everywhere you want to glow: Center of the forehead, under the brows, on the inner tear ducts, down the bridge of the nose, above the cheekbones, on the bow of the lips, and on the point of the chin

Why Try: To create a danced-all-night sheen to the skin




Freckles are in and you can fake it if you weren’t genetically blessed with these marks of beauty. Keep your eye out for freckle stencils coming soon, but until then…

With What: Brow filler + precise eyeliner brush

Especially When: Add this to your daytime look while keeping other makeup very minimalistic. For evening, skip the freckles and use the same brush to take a stab at some of the graphic eyeliners that were popping up all over the runways.

Applied Where: Start on the bridge of the nose and apply a randomly dusting of freckles spreading out towards the cheeks.

Why Try: To create a sun-kissed natural, effortless beauty

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