Cafe Dolores Pops Up in NYC As Part of ASOS Supports Talent


Noted fashion brand ASOS recently launched a new program titled ASOS Supports x Talent in order to help support up and coming cultural talent in the fields of art, music, food, fashion and technology. This new program provides resources, mentorship and opportunities for these selected individuals to jump start their careers.

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Last week, ASOS debuted a pop up restaurant in New York City as part of their program, honoring chef Phillip Basone. The young chef, who studied at The French Culinary Institute, and has worked under some of the top chef’s in the city, opened up the two-night only pop-up restaurant Cafe Dolores to honor his grandmother. The matriarch taught him how to cook and Basone found solace in cooking classes at school, which proved difficult as a gay student in a non-progressive town. Basone featured dishes based on the recipes of his grandmother, with truly spectacular dishes like Butternut Squash Terrine, Pernil and even a fantastical melted dome of chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate.


All the proceeds from the pop-up restaurant went to New Alternatives NYC for LGBT Homeless Youth, which is a cause close to Chef Basone’s heart.

To learn more about ASOS Supports Talent, click here.

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