CBD is Here – Is it Obsession Worthy?

KulCBD and AmourCBD  Hold the Bar High. The vast potential and real validation of CBD is hitting the world by storm and the health and beauty industries are at the forefront of this exciting new frontier. With products debuting daily and the list of CBD products ever growing, it’s impossible for any of us to keep up, let alone know what we should be looking for and who or what to trust.  Have you been wondering about CBD?  It’s tricky.  As AmourCBD explained, many readily-available CBD products are sub standard quality, produced in unregulated factories, contain adulterating substances and other undesirable chemicals from hemp grown in foreign countries with questionable farming practices.  With quality and purity as their stated priorities, two companies,  KulCBD, a luxurious skincare and wellness brand whose unique blend of CBD and natural ingredients represent the next generation of beauty, and the aforementioned AmourCBD, who are at the forefront of organic medical grade CBD and have the first CBD advanced pain relieving cream registered by the FDA, are worth noting.

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First, a quick review:  Cannabidiol or CBD, is one of over 100 chemical compounds known as “cannabinoids” found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. Most of us know by now that though it does contain some THC,  CBD will not get you high and is known to hold an array of health and beauty benefits. Watch the labels. Most products are labeled  either CBD “isolate” or CBD “full spectrum.”  CBD “full spectrum” is made up of hundreds of cannabinoids that when bundled together create something called the “entourage effect” meaning the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Studies have shown that the therapeutic properties of  full-spectrum products is more potent then CBD isolate which is 99% pure CBD and has had all the active compounds, THC, and phytocannabinoids stripped out, which is preferred by those who avoid THC.

Both KulCBD and AmourCBD believe strongly in the power of the entourage effect and use full spectrum CBD oils in their formulations. Kul’s comprehensive line of deluxe beauty CBD products uses the highest quality ingredients combined with the best technology to combat aging, hydrate and deliver beneficial nourishment to your skin. Combined with USA-verified CBD, ethically sourced natural elements like green tea, milk thistle and rose extract infuse their formulations for maximum balance and effect. Notably, KUL is the first CBD skincare brand to use a combination of CBD and probiotics topically.  In addition to beauty offerings, KUL also offers an impressive array of health tinctures and creams worth checking out.  Though it’s almost impossible to choose a favorite, the two products that stood out to me are KUL’S Night Repair Moisturizer- amazing- and the GLO Face Serum, which must be the holy grail of serums. These products feel like a spa on your face. After a recent peel, I used the GLO serum to calm and hydrate my face and I can’t image now being without it.

Offering full spectrum organic CBD products that are THC-free is AmourCBD  a top notch medicinal brand founded by CEO Bill Donnelly who trained as an RN and whose wife  discovered that CBD worked incredibly well to control her chronic pain. Using the highest grade broad spectrum CBD oil on the market and formulating with no pesticides, solvents, heavy metals or additives,  Amour CBD stands out from the fray. This brand is at the top of it’s game in terms of purity and as mentioned, has the great distinction of having the first CBD pain relieving creme verified by the FDA- a giant stamp of approval that is hard to over emphasize.  Being full spectrum without THC is the distinction here- for those who could risk failing a drug test but want the benefits of CBD- it’s non negotiable. Amour makes a fun variety of ways to enjoy the anti inflammatory benefits of CBD.  CBD PCR Softgells, Tinctures and Gummies (!)  are infused with broad spectrum photocannaboid rich (PCR) hemp oil of the highest quality and offer various potencies to enhance your health with the full spectrum of CBD benefits.

So is CBD obsession worthy?  With the continuing research validating it’s benefits, it’s hard to say anything but yes.


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