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CBD Make Up with Founder Yana Tammah – SSTAGIONI Skincare & Cosmetics

When I met Yana Tammah, you are immediately struck by her beauty and her grace. Her name is taken from the magnificent and breathtaking Yana river in northern Siberia and also translates into “God is gracious.” 

Yana is a person who radiates health and well-being. When she speaks, you are engulfed in a passion of confidence, determination, and a personality that is always striving to bring out the very best in people. As an image consultant, published author and skincare and beauty developer, Yana is both inspirational and practical. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Yana about her career and passions please find the interview below.

Q. So you began your career as a beautician at 17 in Russia. How did you wind up in Beverly Hills working with Supermodel Maye Musk and other A-list clientele? My dream, as a little girl, was always to be an aesthetician. Joining the beauty industry  has been a dream of mine.  SSTAGIONI STUDIO is a culmination of this journey. 

By trade, for the past two decades I have been an image consultant operating out of Beverly Hills. During this time, I’ve published two “How – To” books,  in Russian, on the Development of Personal Style through Celebrity Red Carpet. From fashion, to hair and now skincare my journey has traveled through different stages and between careers from a girl with a dream to a woman in business parallel  to fashion and beauty all influenced STAGIONI – a  4  Season Skincare and Cosmetics line. 

STAGIONI  combines a  simple and effective CBD skincare regimen  for the price of one high end cream, which includes:

1. Hydration 

2. Moisturizing

3. Nutrition 

4. Anti-Aging 

5. Brightening 

Q. Now you have published two “How to” beauty books and are developing your own skincare brand? Yes, that is correct. In 2021, my thinking of developing a skincare product was finally realized with a product I named STAGIONI. Teaming up with scientists in Colorado, I created a skincare line inspired by the four seasons which has rich nutritional qualities offering hydration, moisturizing,  anti-again and brightening. I infused the STAGIONI with CBD to promote cellular regeneration. The STAGIONI line is created for daily rejuvenation and to cover all basic needs – cleanser, toner, serum, and night cream.  The product embodies cellular regeneration with daily rejuvenation. And it has three shades of color correcting infused pigments that reflect the sun. 

Q. Tell me more about the lipstick options. There are three options – Liquid Matte, Lip Paint and Lip Slip. I also have a Highlight, Low Light, Bronzer, and Primer to round out the full line of products. But most important Steve is the method, for overall quality control of skincare. 

Q. You mean your skincare method? Exactly. I developed a skincare method, STAGIONI 4 Seasons which allows the skin to restart or reignite cellular regeneration and come alive by allowing the ingredients I use to work for your individual skin type. My beliefs are like the change of seasons that I grew up with in Russia, you need different seasonal products to help different problems that might take place such as acne, eczema, irritation, and sensitive skin. 

Q. You spoke early about CBD infused products. What is this? STAGIONI Skincare products are infused with CBD to support daily rejuvenation. Each product has the CBD  —in the cleanser, toner, serum, and nightly cream. I created STAGION STUDIO Products which are: The Foundation products – three shades of color correction infused with pigments that reflect the sun. 

Lipstick products which are the Liquid Matte Lipstick, Lip Paint and Lip Slip Highlight. The Low Light Bronzer, and of course the Primer with CBD. 

Q. Earlier today you spoke of a 5 Minute Face Method. Can you describe what this is ?Of course. The 5-minute Face is a method the encompasses all I have learned for maintaining a healthy, glowing, beautiful face. It consists of Five Steps. They are: 

1. Velvet Primer – this helps you to create a smooth base before applying the foundation to protect your skin against free radicals and clogging of the pores – something everyone fights every day, especially here in Los Angeles. 
2. Stick Foundation  just apply this briefly and cut your application time in half. Don’t overdue
3. Highlight – my secret here is to apply in a big letter “G” starting at the eyebrow then go to the forehead, under the eye, on top of the cheek bond, to the middle of the nose, and then the chin. 
4. Lowlight – simply apply from the hairline and under the check 
5. The fun part Blend, blend, blend!!

Q. Yana you radiate so much positive energy and passion. Where did you get all of that, what is the source of your inspiration? For me inspiration comes from my personal journeys through life. And also, from that of my clients. And from my work and of course dedication to excellence. Simply put the idea of hope and then putting hope into reality, that is my inspiration. 

Q. What do you think is your definition of success? For me, the secret to success is drive. I know is sounds corny here in America and probably in Russia too, but putting your best foot forward everyday and within all aspects of you life. But always set a goal. Don’t rest of being successful. Never get complacent and stop finding inspiration. Again, for me, it is inspiration that help me create STAGIONI and the four stages of my skincare regimen. It is the four seasons that inspired me to insure I have a product which regenerates for each season. My philosophy for skin care is this: 

1. During Winter – your skin may need less nutrients. Use creams to let the skin breathe, just the opposite of a heavy summer routine. Velvet Primer is ideal during the winter season before applying the foundation. Add another layer of protection to your skin and the cold. Additionally, add a drop of serum to the foundation for a smooth, lightweight, and glowing finish. The goal in this stage is to protect from cracking and breakage which is supported by CBD molecules in my products

Goal: Use daily cream for Winter by STAGIONI and Classy Creamy STAGIONI lipstick

2. Spring – the Sun begins to re-emerge and thus the hydration to prepare for the beating of summer’s sun rays. The key is hydration. Toner brings balance and nutritious peptides, oil and culminates in your skin, resting, healing and rejuvenation by getting rid of dead skin with retinol – all included in STAGIONI Soothing Cream.  Don’t forget – replace your primer with a sunscreen!

3. Summer – With Summer common side affects from the sun result in dry, dull, lusterless loss of pigmentation and dehydration. Matte STAGIONI liquid lipstick keeps lips hydrated, nutritious and soft and does not dry your lips for a long-lasting finish. No paraben, talc free and truly organic hemp CBD. CBD helps to decrease inflammation, reducing eczema and dehydration. Try to avoid retinoids during the summer and resume in the Fall and Winter. Replace retinoids with sunscreen and serum day and night. 
4. Fall – Resume Vitamin C which will add back a flow like a river. Please resume the regimen of retinol, serum, primer, and of course cream. 

And I can provide clients with a guide to help them navigate and choose the right makeup and skincare for all of the four seasons. 

Q. You have offered a lot of advice here. But knowing you there is more, right? Of course Steve, For “Beauty Secrets” or what I call “ Yana’s helpful hints, here are three smart steps to take

1. CLEANSING – Women and Men should always cleanse right before going to bed

2. TONING – Balance your PH Levels, bring your skin back to balance

3. MOISTURIZING – Apply serum – this can be like a desert for your face. It has the concentrated ingredients that regular creams do not. Finish off by applying cream for moisturizing and hydration and your sealing step. The secret for beauty comes with these three steps but only if you do them daily! And you can with SSTAGIONI products – 

1. For Cleaning – use STAGIONI CBD infused emulsifying cleanser, it will feel refreshing as soon as it hits your skin and opens your pore to release dirt and bacteria

2. For Toner – use STAGIONI CBD Infused Toner to add the first barrier of protection to outside elements through hydration. You face will breathe all day by following this routine. 

3. For Serum- use STAGIONI CBD Infused Serum to smooth fine lines and wrinkles

4. For Cream – use STAGIONI cream to seal in moisture 

Q. What about for wellness? Great question. Be sure to allow at least 15 minutes for stretching at home. Try to keep an open mind. Exercise regularly. Meditate. Enjoy all that life gives in moderation. REST!  Laying in bed all day is totally acceptable!! 

But seriously, remember our skin is our largest organ. It is alive. Everything we put on it is infused into your bloodstream. A healthy regimen and quality products can help assure your wellness. 

Q. Great advise – by the way how do you relax?  For me I love bathing with my homemade and handmade CBD soap- add that to a warm bath and some CBD droplets under my tongue, and WOW! 

Q. Final advice ? I like Steve Jobs quote “ Think of Food as Medicine”! Also everyone should know that SSTAGIONI is not just a product but a business model with the purpose of empowering beauty professionals to achieve their financial goals by adding a stream of revenue to their business model. 

STAGIONI STUDIOS are based in Beverly Hills with all products being Talc, paraben and cruelty free. 










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