Celebrate Sweden’s Iconic Midsummer Festival in New York City

Midsummer celebrations are popular in the country of Sweden, and thanks to Ari Aster’s disturbing hit movie Midsommar, which came out last year, Americans learned a little bit about the agrarian tradition. But for those who wants to experience a drop of what the festivities are really like, Visit Sweden is ready to show you.

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Unfortunately, for the first time in many, many years, the annual Swedish Midsummer Festival in New York City has been cancelled, but the Scandinavian holiday, which celebrates the summer solstice and the season of fertility, isn’t sneaking by without a fight. According to Visit Sweden, Midsummer Night, “one of the lightest of the year, was considered a magical night, as it was the best time for telling people’s futures. Also that night, it was said, water was turned into wine and ferns into flowers. Many plants acquired healing powers on that one night of the year.” Here’s how you can still celebrate in the city:

Score complimentary Midsummer flower wreath kits, provided by Morgan + Grand Flowers, on a first come, first serve basis (maximum 2 per person) at locations in Central Park, Union Square, and East Williamsburg. Tune in to their Instagram account for updates.

Michelin-starred Swedish restaurant Aquavit is offering a Midsummer picnic basket ($155) that includes an array of traditional favorites, including herring, gravlax, meatballs, deviled eggs, as well as a flight of aquavit and some beers. Similarly, Red Rooster in Harlem will also offer contactless pickup for a Midsummer smorgasbord basket.

Furthermore, Visit Sweden will be hosting a Live Stream on their Facebook all day on June 19th, showcasing flower picking, dancing around the Midsummer pole, lunch, flower-wreath making and more. You can even scour their Facebook page for fun grocery lists and recipes to make your own celebration at home. If you can’t travel to Sweden, this could be the next best thing!

Visit Sweden Facebook Live Stream Schedule (US/Eastern Time)
5 am Flower-wreath making in Skåne 
7 am Midsummer lunch in West Sweden
9 am Dancing around the Midsummer pole in Dalarna
1 pm Flower picking and evening dip in Roslagen
6 pm Midnight sun and skiing in Swedish LaplandMidsummer Live Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/265902574468529/



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