Celebrate World Mental Health Day With These Eight Brands

October 10 celebrates World Mental Health Day. Due to Covid-19, Mental Health Day is extremely important this year. Here are eight brands that boost mental health…

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The Comfort Cub

What better way to ease your mental health struggle than with a hug from a teddy bear that is weighted and designed to release happy-feeling hormones to make you feel better?! Introducing The Comfort Cub. The teddy bear was originally created by the founder, Marcella Johnson to help moms who recently miscarried or gave birth to stillborns because that is what happened to Marcella, 21 years ago to her baby boy, George. Marcella left the hospital without her baby and she experienced heart attack symptoms without actually having a heart attack, it was later diagnosed scientifically as Broken Heart Syndrome. She also had terrible aching arms because her arms had been preparing to hold a newborn and were not. Then she picked up a potted plant that was left at her son’s graveside and her arms no longer ached due to the weight of the terra-cotta pot. She instantly felt better holding that weighted pot. She researched the concept of wrapping her arms around a weighted object and the comfort it gave her.  It turns out, her holding the weighted plant in the pot released oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine that comforted her and made her feel better.  She couldn’t carry around a pot everywhere though, so she made a weighted teddy bear- that way it could be construed as one of her other’s children’s toys.  Amazing right? And recently during the pandemic, medical personnel have been struggling emotionally and mentally. They have personally requested Comfort Cubs for themselves. Marcella has been providing them. She was recently featured in Rolling Stone magazine.

CharMED Bling

Recognize your healthcare workers this World Mental Health Day. During this pandemic, they have struggled mentally to stay strong and healthy amidst the emotional turmoil of COVID-19. A CharMed gift personalizes their stethoscopes and makes them feel appreciated. Or you could consider one of their curated boxes for nurses and doctors! The curated boxes were researched by CharMed and they found medical personnel wanted to have certain essentials at their work, that were necessary for them to get through their long hours. Think of it as “Essentials for the Essentials.”

BUBS Naturals

Your physical strengths come from your mental focus abilities, according to BUBS Naturals team. BUBS collagen protein supplements will give your joints the strength they’ve been losing over the years, and strengthen your hair, skin and nails! Plus, their 100% virgin coconut MCT oil enhances your mental focus and boosts your energy for your physical fitness routines! Adding their collagen protein and their new “Fountain of Youth” collagen that includes 1,000 mg of organic energy boosting vitamin C, they say, is essential for your well being and physical goals!

Clean Republic

A green, clean home will help focus your mind better on what’s important. Leading psychological research has correlated clutter and grime with stress! So give your mental health a break and pick up a towel and a bottle of Clean Republic’s natural green clean all purpose cleaner or their EPA approved Disinfectant + Sanitizer to wipe away all that stress and anxiety.

Nokware Skincare

A black, African female owned skin care line that started because the founders were frustrated to learn that black women were bleaching their skin to make it lighter. The owners, from Ghana, Africa, also pride themselves on women empowerment and a strong, healthy mind. They give back to women in their community and to children’s education. Try some of their organic skincare line products to help put your mind in a healthy place knowing you are using products designed from the Earth, specifically different African regions, and meant to give back to women working hard to rise up in their African communities.

Bare + Bloom

Bare + Bloom Naturals is skin care that is meant to put your mind at ease. It is all natural line of products and the family who started Bare + Bloom, Ahmed and Savannah Nayel invested deeply in products that were pure and soothes your skin and hair concerns. They are a bi-racial couple and found other skincare products were not working well on both their skin types nor their children’s skin types.  One of their products, made specifically for mothers, and postpartum healthy hair regrowth, is called the Hat Trick. A serum that nourishes hair growth after postpartum hair loss- A side effect of pregnancy that causes mental stress on new moms.

Fit City Adventures

Corporate team building acts as part of physical health but, as Fit City Adventures founder, Angela Minardi puts it, it’s team building for your mental health! They created virtual team building activities that engage all your co-workers and friends to “work” and play together to keep everyone mentally focussed, promoting a successful, motivated business!


Health and wellness coaches and TerpNutrition founders, Megan Loda and Ben Pasquel, understand the importance of physical and mental recovery, and have found that full plant medicine works most effectively on our bodies. Normalizing the use of Full Spectrum CBD supplements as a primary recovery product for athletes, fitness enthusiasts worldwide, TerpNutrition provides an alternative solution to living a healthy and balanced life with the use of hemp-derived products versus physician prescribed pain medications, which, with misuse, can lead to a slippery slope of depression and addictive behaviors.


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