Celebrating Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month with These Budding Businesses

May is Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Here are 8 brands founded and run by AAPI business owners that you should check out and support…

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Stefanie Walmsley

Founder of Prim Botanicals


Launched in 2015, Prim Botanicals is inspired by Stefanie’s Philippino roots. Created using organic ingredients and natural scents, Prim Botanicals includes a range of organic and CBD products.

Justine Tiu & Adrian Zhang

Co-Founders of The Woobles


The Woobles is an online learning platform for crochet! The Woobles have been teaching over 50,000 customers since July 2020.

Tina Chow Rudolf

Founder of Strange Bird


Mother, wife, life coach, and founder of Strange Bird Beauty, Tina Chow Rudolf created a plant based and crystal charged beauty brand. Strange Bird incorporates ancient Chinese beauty traditions and alchemy to create a daily practice skin care brand.

Jennifer Tsay

Co-Founder & CEO of Shoott


Jennifer launched her company Shoott because of her personal experience with “side hustles”. Shoott is a female-run company that makes professional photography accessible to everyone!

Lin Chen

Founder of Pink Moon


Pink Moon is a female-founded online shop that features eco self-care, wellness, lifestyle brands with a large portion of them being women of color! Pink Moon has also an in-house collection with original, memorable blends of signature candles, body/hair oils, perfume oils, and more.

Syama Meagher

Co-Founder of Rendall Co.


Rendall Co. recently launched a collection of aprons made with durable chambray and denim fabrics. Originally planned as a home goods brand featuring aprons, Rendall Co. transformed into a premium face mask brand at the beginning of March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Angela Chau Gray and Ervina Wu

Co-Founders of YINA


YINA is a beauty and wellness brand based in California who strive to demystify and enliven Chinese Medicine. The brand creates wellness rituals with their products through traditional Chinese Medicine that elevate the mind, body, and spirit.

Diane Reade

Founder of MO MI


MO MI is a brand that creates personal care products that are easy to use and kind to animals and the planet. The brand pulls from Diane’s Asian heritage and is inspired by the way her mother and grandmother raised her with holistic, naturopathic, and aromatherapy.



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