Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses: Art Delectables

Chef Simone, Executive Chef and CEO of Art Delectables, a high-end full service organic catering company, has the mission of handcrafting each product in small batches using only organically grown, non-GMO ingredients, and one third less sugar compared to traditional desserts. Art Delectables is a family owned business supported by three generations of BIPOC women.

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Some favorite Couture Treats include More Than A Fudge Brownies, Brown Butter Blondies, truffles, a variety of cookies, specialty chocolate covered strawberries, and more. Fan favorite cheesecakes include the Simply Delicious and Dulce De Leche, as well as the Strawberry Shortcake and Bananas Foster (both seasonal). Unique to the product line is Art Delectables’ interactive catering experiences. Art Delectables is expected to expand its retail capabilities and hit grocery stores in the fall.

BELLA Magazine was able to speak with Chef Simone about Art Delectables…

How did you begin your business? 

Founded in 2016, Art Delectables began with a mission to revolutionize the desserts category. I started the company on a search to recreate my favorite cheesecakes with a more balanced flavor profile and better ingredients. Seeking cheesecakes as well as other luxury treats made with organic ingredients and low in sugar, we created an entire new product line. Since then, Art Delectables has opened the doors for me to continue our personal mission of educating the community on the importance of making healthier food choices as well as answer the question, “Why organic?” Our completely female-led, minority, and family-owned company is dedicated to making better-for-you desserts that never compromise on quality or taste. Having written two books, including a cookbook with Lawry’s and George Foreman, I’m able to use this platform to talk to people about getting back to the kitchen, choosing better ingredients, and educating themselves on the best food to put into their bodies.

Did you have any strong influences that made you want to become a chef?

Growing up, I used to spend summers in the southwestern farming belt of Michigan with my grandfather. During those summers, I’d explore the array of fresh-made canned jams and jellies in my great grandmother’s basement – all made from fruit we picked that day. Those were my first introductions to all things organic; where we picked the land by hand and used those ingredients for homemade dinner and desserts. It inspired my unique path from pre-med student, to culinary and pastry chef, that blossomed into Art Delectables. My intention was always to create a space where we can educate the community on the importance of making healthier, organic food choices, which I always found easier to talk about over dessert.

What is your favorite part of your business? 

My favorite part of the business is developing new products. I enjoy coming up with new ideas, testing product, and sharing desserts with our costumers. Next to that would have to be hearing positive responses from those who have enjoyed their Art Delectables experience – it’s especially fulfilling when people show me how they’ve applied organic eating and more whole foods into their daily life. That’s my whole mission and makes me feel very accomplished when we have that kind of response. Those are my favorite parts – talking to people about upgrading their health and quality of life.


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