Celebrating Innovation Amidst a Worldwide Pandemic: Experience Good

CSM Sport & Entertainment will be launching Experience Good, a campaign to collectively celebrate the ideas and people adapting to the sudden shift in what live experiences mean in the midst of this unprecedented crisis.  Experience Good is evolving and announcing The Vendry as a foundational partner to usher this movement into its next phase.

What started as a social media campaign is evolving to a digital platform where colleagues, peers and event professionals from across the industry are invited to join and work together to share and develop new solutions that create the power of collective experiences in this era of social distancing.

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Created in collaboration with the team at The Vendry, ExperienceGood.co is a digital hub of collaboration sharing stories across the world of experiences that will drive the industry towards innovative solutions. In this moment of volatility, Experience Good is a movement to redefine, re-energize and reposition the most powerful form of marketing at what could be the most pivotal time in our industry’s history.

Contributors of Experience Good, will produce content responding to today’s environment that will focus on:

  • Novel solutions and innovations for the industry
  • Smart pivots by companies in our adapting industry
  • Stories and examples showcasing the power of experiences
  • Spotlighting amazing actions people and groups in our industry are taking in sustainability, diversity, advocacy or social impact

BELLA talked to Christa Carone (President, CSM North America) and Daphne Hoppenot (Founder of Vendry) to learn more about Experience Good:

Could you give us a brief breakdown of what Experience Good is and how it came to fruition.

CC: This pandemic is showing us the power of shared experience. While social distancing, we’re becoming more connected than ever and finding we have more in common than we thought. We’re building a collective story on social media and sharing resources, solidarity and understanding – showing each other ways to adapt, reconsidering normal, and beginning to envision how we move forward.

We need to do the same for the business of brand experience. With live events outlawed, travel restricted, and campaigns canceled, brand marketers and experience providers are quickly pivoting – but to what? We need solutions to weather the pandemic, so brands can stay connected authentically to consumers.

This is why we’ve started #ExperienceGood, a campaign with a digital platform where we can all come together to redefine, reinvigorate and reposition live experiences at what could be the most pivotal time in our industry’s history.

Could you describe some of the content that will be offered?

DH: Experience Good is an evolving platform and the vision is to continue this movement to have a positive legacy long term out of this crisis. An online network of thought leadership connecting to brands, agency leaders, venues, and vendors to share the best practices for the future of our industry.

CC: The platform is not a space to publish manifestos. It’s for people in the industry to share what’s going on that is good and new solutions that they are doing. It’s thoughts that others can share on how they are adapting during this time in the world/industry.  The platform will offer content from selected contributors that includes ideas for solutions, examples of pivots, and actions those in the industry are taking in sustainability, diversity and social good.

DH: The goal is to have the platform live on well after it’s safe again; the vision is to extend it offline with industry conferences.

Why was The Vendry a perfect fit as a partner on this venture? 

CC: We believe that in this moment of fragility for the live experiences industry, our Experience Good partnership with The Vendry offers an opportunity to reflect on the experience economy and the value it brings to our everyday lives. While the current situation has had a devastating impact on every type of business that brings people together for a shared experience, it has also validated that screens cannot and will not replace our human need for IRL interaction. We are optimistic about the future of this industry and thrilled to partner with The Vendry to build a coalition of thought leaders who can propose solutions to build a better future for events.

Let people know how they can get involved, follow and begin experiencing! 

DH: Anyone can contribute content from how companies are bringing the brand connection to life digitally, to how they’re revaluing events and live experiences, to what they’re learning about consumers, to how the meaning of experiential is changing. And there’s plenty of room to spotlight amazing things industry people are doing in sustainability, diversity, advocacy or social impact.

Site is NOW LIVE https://www.experiencegood.co


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