Celebrating Pride Month with LGBTQ+ social media star and comedian, Rob Anderson

In celebration of Pride Month, BELLA gets to know LGBTQ+ social media star, comedian, and bestselling author, Rob Anderson. In the past few years, Rob has become one of the most celebrated and unique queer voices on the internet.Anderson is best known for his short form sketches, parodies and comedic series like “Gay Science“, which answers important LGBTQ questions like: “Why Are Gay Men Terrible Drivers” and “Why Gay Men Can’t Sit In a Chair Properly.” Amassing over 2 million social media followers, Anderson’s comedy thoughtfully explores relatable LGBTQ+ issues in unique and satirical ways. Instead of sharing straightforward political takes, Rob often critiques misconceptions and biases about the queer community through sarcasm, highlighting the absurdities around so many conversations surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.

Recently Rob has partnered with The Academy Awards, made promotional content with popstar Kim Petras, and even penned a number one best-selling children’s book based on the infamous 2018 National Anthem performance by singer, Fergie. Previously, Anderson studied improv and sketch comedy at iOSecond City, and The Annoyance in Chicago, as well as held marketing positions at GrindrUber, and The Infatuation.

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What made you want to transition from your career in marketing to the path you are on now?

My marketing jobs always had some level of creativity and humor (I made fake, ridiculous Skymall magazines and put them in cars during April Fools when I was working for Uber) so in a lot of ways this felt like a natural progression. The experience I had working on social and marketing helped me understand how to market myself and get my content in front of as many people as possible.

How did you get started with your series “Gay Science”?

It started as a one-off sketch where I wanted to explain why gay men love iced coffee but have it sound super serious. It had an incredibly positive response. I was flooded with requests to explain different things about the gay community and my brain just didn’t stop going from there. Now there’s over 40 episodes!

What have you learned from your experience going viral?

My videos would often go viral for their format and not the content, so it’s always smart to ride the wave of virality by repeating that format with new content a few times over.

What can people expect to see on your tour?

Some playful banter with the audience, original songs, sketches, personal stories that are too explicit for the internet, and a custom sequin sleeveless jumper!

What inspired you to write a song, and will you come out with more music? 

I wanted to create a pop song that was well-produced and sounded great – but was about something completely stupid. “Nothing For You” is that! We have parodies, comedy rap, Broadway, cabaret – but I haven’t seen many people tapping into the comedy-pop genre. I will come out with more! I’m getting together with the same writing team soon to churn out a few more and release them this summer.


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