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Celebrating Valentine's in a Long Distance Relationship


Whether you’ve been together for a few years or a few months, don’t let a little thing called distance get in the way of celebrating Valentine’s Day this February. Even from a thousand miles away, you and your sweetheart can celebrate your love with some ingenious distance hacks that will be the next best thing to actually spending the holiday together.

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The Classic Love Letter

Few things are more romantic than the classic love letter, so take a hint from the poets of centuries ago and put pen to paper. Skip the emails, don’t rely on the phone calls, and put more thought into writing something longer than a 20-word text. You’ll be amazed at how the ideas flow once you start writing. Finish your letter in time to mail it off ahead of Valentine’s Day and make sure it arrives before the occasion. You can make it even more thoughtful by using a special airmail envelope—if your significant other is a history buff, they’ll love this idea even more.

Flowers for Everyone

Girls aren’t the only ones who like to receive flowers. It’s not about the bloom, it’s about the thought behind it. Shirk those archaic gender roles and don’t be afraid to send your man Valentine’s Day flowers if you think he will enjoy them. This traditional sentiment will remind him of you every time he spies the bouquet on the kitchen table, and who can say no to vibrant blooms?

A Modern Day Mixtape

What’s more romantic than music that helps you express your innermost feelings? A detailed playlist filled with songs that remind you of your sweetheart is an inexpensive but heartfelt way to convey your love. You can go with the classic love songs or incorporate little ditties that have special meaning for the two of you. To sweeten the deal, grab a pair of concert tickets for one of the singers or bands on your playlist. Your gift will be practical for the moment and inspire some excitement for the future. 

Office Surprises

If your guy will be stuck at the office all day, make sure the time goes quickly with some fun surprises. There’s no limit to the variety of things you can send to him; whether it’s cookies and candy, a box of fruit, or even a care package with all of his favorite snack items, he’ll love anything he gets to open right at his desk. Make sure he takes a break from work by sending a meal from his favorite restaurant; companies like GrubHub will deliver from a variety of local spots. Tell him to be at his desk at noon, set up the delivery, and wait for his call of thanks.

A Skype Dinner

You might not be able to go out to eat together in the classic sense, but modern technology has made it possible to enjoy each other’s company over a good meal even from miles away. Set up your laptop on the table, and have him do the same. You can chat, enjoy each other’s company and eat some delicious fare—even if you’re halfway across the world. It’s never going to be as wonderful as being in their presence, but it’s darn close. Extra points if you can convince him to light candles on his end. That’s true love, ladies.

Film Night

Curl up on the couch and watch a movie together. Companies like Gaze will help you and your honey stop and start the film at the same time, and you can have him next to you on Skype, meaning you’ll be able to hear every laugh and every sniffle (even if he denies he cried later on).

Enlist a Friend

If you’ve got a friend back in the same town as your guy, enlist his or her help to surprise your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Ask them to drop off a special gift item on his doorstep for a shocker he won’t see coming. It will definitely save you a ton of money on shipping and he’ll never see it coming. Swear your friend to secrecy and your guy will never know how you pulled it off.

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