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Here at BELLA, we are all about supporting small businesses, especially woman-owned. And, sharing amazing and innovative woman-owned business shouldn’t only happen in March, so here’s a few of our favorite female founded, owned, and operated businesses for you to check out!

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Caribbrew was created in 2018 by Beverly Malbranche in order to give back to Haiti and the Haitian economy. In the 1960s Haitian coffee was world renowned, and Beverly was determined to revive Haiti’s coffee industry. Caribbrew currently partners with more than 100 coffee and cocoa farmers in Haiti to create more economic opportunities. Caribbrew is proud to currently be 75% female employed and offers job opportunities to local Haitian women and New Jersey women.

For more about Caribbrew visit their website caribbrew.com.

Banana Samba

Carla and Ruth Wahnon had a passion for sustainable snacks and nutrition, so the Brazilian sisters introduced the U.S. to Banana Samba. This snack is not banana chips or dehydrated bananas, making this nutritional snack so unique. The bananas are slow cooked and caramelize in their own sugars creating a soft, chewy, delicious snack that pumps your body with nutrients.

Banana Samba is available on Amazon.


Narineh Bedrossian named and created ella+mila for her twin daughters after realizing there were no safe nail-care products they could safely use. With her passion for color and dedication to healthy beauty, ella+mila creates fashion-forward beauty products without compromising integrity.

Check out ella+mila available at Target, Ulta, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and Amazon.

Orijin Bees

Mother and daughter duo, Melissa and Esi Orijin, set out to create a multicultural toy, resulting in their toy company Orijin Bees. The brand offers a wide variety of Black and Brown skin tones with an array of hair textures to allow for kids to find themselves in the dolls they play with.

To shop the Orijin Bees Baby Bee collection, visit OrijinBees.com or Target.com.

Sonoma Wool Co.:

Created by Amy Chesnut, Sonoma Wool Company incorporates the high-quality of wool, with the idea that it can be used for practical products. From luxurious bedding to simple, long-lasting dish drying mats, you’ll fall in love with all things wool. Sonoma Wool Company wants to help people Re-Discover the Wonders of Wool, which, of course, will help support family sheep ranches.

Visit their website sonomawoolcompany.com.

Curio Press

Founder Alexis Austin feels so lucky to give people the tools to connect with the important people in their lives and make it easy to make a great impression, whether you are sending a note or giving a gift. Stationery should convey your unique style and make an impact for the recipient! She also believes mundane tasks like jotting notes or making a simple grocery list can bring joy if the medium you use makes you feel good. There’s something incredibly special about receiving a personal sentiment on a handwritten note that the usual text or email won’t properly convey. Curio Press creates handmade-to-order stationery with a brilliant collection of cards and notebooks that can be personalized for your holiday needs.

Available at curio-press.com, Etsy, and Amazon Handmade.


Marina Tran-Vu, a proud Vietnamese-Canadian woman, had the idea for EQUO in 2019. Her journey started when she went to Vietnam to help her family. In a country that is known for its coffee, she explored one of the multitude of cafes in the city, and that’s where she happened upon the first product in the EQUO line up: the Grass Straw. With the inspiration of trying to bridge the gap between Vietnam and the rest of the world, building a sustainable future for her newborn nephew, working to support local economic growth and job creation from her parent’s hometown, and the desire to raise Vietnam’s profile as a global leader in sustainability and innovation, she decided to venture on her own to bring to the world truly eco-friendly solutions through the sustainable brand, EQUO. Designed by harnessing the raw power of mother nature, EQUO’s reusable straws are a great ecological alternative to reduce single-use plastic consumption. Made from natural ingredients, such as coconut and sugarcane, they’ll never get soggy and last an infinite amount of time in liquids.

Available at shopequo.com and Amazon.

Bare Candle Co.

Ashlyn Rowland started Bare Candle Co. when she was a college student from the comfort of her garage. Just like many of the great entrepreneurs, Ashlyn started her company through a because of her love of the warm feeling of a candle burning in her home. After realizing that not all candles were created the same, she created her own line of 100% soy wax candles that are free from prop 65 chemicals, phthalates, parabens, paraffin, and dyes.

Available on BareCandleCo.com.


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