Celebrity Apps You Will Enjoy

Celebrity apps are usually pointless creations made for the most ardent of the celebrity’s followers. Some of them are ridiculous, like the selfie app from Justin Bieber or just nothing but a self-promotion tool like the app from Lady Gaga. In some cases however, celebrities come up with apps that are not only entertaining but also very funny and in some cases add good value to humanity in general. This piece takes a look at some of the best of examples of such apps.

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood

This is a video game app that divided opinions in its early days. The reality however is that it is legitimately entertaining.  Many experts agree that the game is funny but not in a silly or crazy way. Instead it turned Kim’s career into the object of entertainment. She is famous for nothing and thus the game shows the absurdity that is Hollywood and the emptiness of celebrity life. Many people around the internet has found the game intriguing and it even inspired some interesting content from some.  The ultimate confirmation of its magnificence however, is that since its launch Kim has made over $100m from the game alone!

William Shatner App

William Shatner has a campy internet persona and he fully capitalised on it with “Shatoetry”. The app does what it says on the box: which is poetry with William Shatner. The app can be found on iOS and Android and it allows users to choose words of varying intonations recorded by Shatner. The chosen words can then be added together to come up with a bizarre Shatner themed poem.

Bill and Ted Slots

For people born in the 1980s, Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures which starred Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter made an excellent impression.  The characters had lots of fun time travelling through history and meeting famous characters. Following the popularity and overall success of both the original and the sequel, the movie inspired two slot game spin-offs. 

This is slightly different from the others on this list as you probably can’t find a standalone Bill and Ted slots app. However, mobile casinos apps have a collection of such slots and you can find some here casinoroller.co. What better way to enjoy your downtime?

LeVar Burton

Levar Burton’s app is a slightly different from others on this list as it doesn’t capitalise on internet fame or seek to entertain. Instead, the app is a way to advance a social cause.  After “Reading Rainbow” went off the air after nearly 3 decades, Burton found a way to reach audiences through the tablet app. It quickly became the top education app in the country. He launched a Kickstarter campaign targeted at extending the reach of the app to give access of the app to more classrooms and children.

Alicia Keys

“The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee” is the app from Alicia Keys, aimed at promoting reading and literacy for kids. The app tries to shed light on the intergenerational connections to our grandparents, showing how much they can teach and guide us.

Taylor Swift

This is a greeting card app from Taylor Swift that provides inspirational quotes and thoughtful sayings using pretty text. Card created can then be sent to anyone of your choosing.

These are some of the best celebrity apps you should download. Some of them are good for relaxing fun, others come in handy for when you need to send a birthday or anniversary message and others can teach your kids something new.

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