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Cenegenics – New Year: New You

Dr. Julie McCallen wasn’t familiar with the feelings of fatigue and fragility. The Denver-based physician has always been energetic and vibrant. For as long as she can remember, she’s been the epitome of good health. One of her favorite pastimes, living in the Colorado Rockies, is hiking the many mountain trails. Not only would McCallen hike long and far, she’d then proceed to bow-hunt… a sport which is indeed a feat! But when she started feeling over-extended, out of breath and just plain “weak,” she knew something was very wrong. “I felt like I was dying,” recalls the board-certified family medicine doctor. And that’s when she was referred to a doctor in Las Vegas, who a friend said had the secret to maintaining one’s youth. His practice was called Cenegenics and, once introduced to the system, method and way of life, McCallen was forever cured and hooked.

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That was 15-years ago. Fast forward to today: McCallen is flourishing in her ownCenegenics practice which serves the central Rocky Mountains. She has treated some hundreds of patients since its inception in 2010 and doesn’t anticipate slowing down anytime soon. Why? Because she and the wellness program she so strongly believes in are changing lives – for the better.

Cenegenics: How it Works

 Through very intricate deep dives of lab work, exams and probes into one’s health – Cenegenics’ medical doctors explore every inch, organ and element associated with their patient’s body, mind and overall well-being. “We are able to pinpoint where deficiencies lie, in ways other generic testing cannot. In doing so, we can prevent age-related ailments like diabetes and cognitive disease,” explains McCallen. In some cases, via the exam doctors have been able to save a patient’s life!  The results can reveal how much plaque may be built up in arteries – and the revelation has prevented heart attacks. Test results have also spared other serious life-threatening conditions from erupting. “We not only comb through blood labs, checking for levels and numbers, we’ll examine the integrity of the arteries, the bones, the lungs, the heart, decipher hormone levels, study the condition of the brain and so much more,” shares McCallen. Through their very extensive, microscope-approach the doctors are left with a crystal clear picture of the patient’s state of wellness, true “age” and what’s most important to the patient – what needs to be addressed in order to turn the clock back, reverse depletions and bring them back to optimal health.

There is no “one-size fits all” in the action plan either and that’s the beauty of Cenegenics. Doctors, like McCallen, customize the health plan to suit each individual need. Once a course is mapped out, the road is not difficult. The patient follows the guidelines of diet, exercise, any necessary vitamin intake and hormone supplementation and returns periodically for necessary check-ups. As a result, patients see almost immediate results, but the optimal picture is revealed in approximately six-twelve months. For McCallen, she soon began to regain old stamina and strength, but her hairdresser at one of her first haircuts post-treatment asked, ‘what are you doing’ when she noticed my hair had new vitality, thickness and shine,” remembers McCallen. “That’s when I knew this was the real deal. Before Cenegenics, my hair was limp and grainy, the result of two pregnancies, lots of stress, and natural age-related wear and tear on my body.”

And more Cenegenics practices continue to open through the country with the patient applause pouring in. 70-year old Ann Olson can’t be more thankful she sought the help of Dr. McCallen last year. “I had no idea what the journey would look like,” she shares. “My mission was to lose weight and gain muscle but as it turns out, the end result was so much more.” Ann attributes her health success not only to the Cenegenics program but McCallen’s bedside manner, constant-contact approach and unrelenting support – a work ethic all their doctors’ practice.

So, if eating healthy, losing weight, gaining muscles and achieving a better state of mind are what you are looking for – Cenegenics may be the key to turning the clock back and locking it in place.

By: Dr. Robi Ludwig


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