Change Your Mindset, Change Your Body with Nadia Murdock

Nadia Murdock, a nationally recognized  fitness  coach, published author and regular on-air fitness expert, has been on a mission to help women feel powerful and strong in the skin they’re in. Once you meet Nadia, you feel like you have known her your entire life—she’s that kind of woman.Kindness shines from her eyes and her heart is as big as her smile. Her relatable way of how she conducts her business—she specializes in Pilates and Barre classes—makes her workouts feel more accessible and possible.

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Nadia refers to herself as a mindset and movement expert that helps women get out their heads and into their bodies.She also focuses on helping women of color move and meditate. Her weekly virtual classes have received amazing feedback  on how these express workouts have helped so many women align their mind and body. Paired with short meditations at the end of each session, students new and old are discovering the importance of mindfulness when it comes to creating a complete wellness journey.

For many, working out or getting healthy is about the body, but without the mind as part of the plan, it’s hard to align for long-term success, Nadia explains. “When I graduated from college I struggled with losing weight in a healthy way and actually being able to keep it off. It wasn’t until I aligned my mind and body that I saw lasting results that truly changed my life. I was my first client.

Nadia changed her life via her own weight loss journey. She dedicated her life to sharing that power with others through her company, Nadia  Murdock  Fit, which she launched in 2012. Her book, “You Can Have It All,” chronicles her personal journey to lifelong wellness.  Nadia  has a B.A. in psychology, is certified in Pilates and Barre, and taps into the strength and power of the mind when advising  others in achieving their fitness goals. She teaches Virtual MindsetBarre classes via Zoom, which are 30-minute classes, and recently launched the 4-Week Ultimate Jump Start, which includes guided meditations and mindful Barre workouts.

Her COVID Pivot

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nadia, like many others, had to find new ways to engage with customers and clients while keeping them tuned in and feeling good. She knew she had an audience; it was just about reaching them in a meaningful and as impactful way as possible in such an uncertain time.

Of course, it wasn’t always easy. “Balancing my company, pregnancy, a toddler, and my husband working from home was no easy task. At the same time, it encouraged me to explore new things, ways of life, coping mechanisms, and alternative avenues of serving others,” says Nadia.“Although we have known people who have contracted and/or passed away from COVID-19, it has truly given my family a deeper appreciation for gratitude and those that matter most.”

Her determination to help others helped her launch her own business. “For years I was merely a fitness enthusiast  and eventually decided to turn my passion into a career. It was the best decision I ever made. Having the ability to influence so many women’s lives in a positive way has been such a blessing.”


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