Chart Topping Producer, Malibu Babie’s Career Is Making It’s Mark In The Industry

Malibu Babie became the first and only woman this century to debut at #1 on the R&B/hip-hop chart as a producer for co-producing Nicki Minaj’sBillboard Hot 100, platinum hit “Super Freaky Girl”. 

I got a chance to interview Malibu Babie, producer, singer and songwriter. The first female producer of the century to debut at #1 on the R&B/hip-hop chart. The woman who claimed the name “Beat Barbie” in studios by knocking expectations out of the park and letting her talent soar. We talked about her booming career, her inspiration behind her new song “Badonthebeat”, following dreams and shattering gender stereotypes within the industry. Stick around to hear from the jack of all trades…Malibu Babie.

Tell us about Badonthebeat! What inspired it and what’s your favorite thing about the song?

My favorite thing about this one is the lyric, “Now point at the baddest bitch out!” It’s the ultimate hype song and it makes me feel amazing every time those lines hit! I love music where females talk their shit because it’s always helped me to get out of my head and pull me into an ultra-confident space. I had to have a song on my mixtape that represented the stripped 808 heavy production I treasure and that had this level of attitude!


How does it feel to be releasing your debut mixtape Malibu Babie SZN Vol 1?

 It feels so incredible! I’m super excited to have this body of work out. I hold it near and dear to my heart and I’m ready for baddies worldwide to party to it now!


What was the inspiration and message behind your single “IBTC”? How has it felt to see the reaction to the song so far? 

The inspiration behind it stemmed from being a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee myself and wanting to give girls an anthem that would boost their confidence and allow them to celebrate their body type and swag. I have absolutely loved seeing the reaction to the song so far- it’s been such a joy to see it connect with literally all types of people! I thought initially it would mostly connect with girls, but I’ve loved seeing men connect to it as well.


You’ve done so much in your career so far, how do you go about the societal views that you can only take one path? How did it feel proving those people wrong? 

I’ve chosen to ignore that societal view 100%. Any viewpoint that is limiting, I advise throwing in the trash can of your brain. It feels awesome to know that following my gut about who I am and what I’m capable of has been spot on. Even more than proving other people wrong, for me it’s been about proving myself right!


How did you get started in producing? 

I saw the production breakdown of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” at an ASCAP expo and fell in love with the magic of it right then and there. After that, I went home, bought Logic, and started making beats on my laptop! I learned everything in the beginning from YouTube and, as I got signed and started collaborating with others, my peers and I would sharpen each other’s work as well.


What is your motivation for being successful? 

I want to leave the world a better place. I want to play my role in showing that we can all accomplish anything and be anyone. No dream is too big. I feel that is my purpose, and my path to doing that is through music! I would love for my legacy to be a living testimony for some other dreamer kid to look at one day and think, “hey, if she could do it…. I can too!”


How did you go about breaking gender stereotypes in your industry? 

I think this one will be a lifelong journey! My path forward on this one has been to simply focus on showing up, being my best self, and doing my best in any given situation. I can’t control preconceived notions, but I can control the level of energy and excellence I deliver. I think, over time, that will continue to build respect and reputation.


What advice would you give to someone trying to follow their dreams? 

If your gut is telling you to do something, do it. Do it full out and ignore the doubters. There will be a lot of them, and that’s okay. Work hard, give it your all, and honor the gifts you were given. Life is too short and precious to waste it being afraid of failure!


What would you say is the most fun thing about your job? 

I suppose many would say ‘seeing the reaction to your music on a large scale,’ but, for me, it is the creation process itself. I love being in the studio and getting to create records with all different types of people! I love seeing how all of our different gifts and backgrounds can come together to create something magical. It’s amazing what a connector music truly is – and it’s beyond fun to create something with people you might have otherwise never met!



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