Cheap Tricks! Beauty Insiders Share their best money-saving secrets

Want to save beaucoupbucks on your beauty routine? Here are 10 budget-friendly tips from the people who know best.

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Shawnda Dorantes

RN, master injector, and co-owner,

Beauty Lounge San Marcos


“Add products to your online cart and leave them there without checking out. Many times, to entice you to pull the trigger on your purchase, companies will send you a ‘reminder’ email alongside with a discount code, so you can save some money off a purchase you already intended to make.”

Allison Weiss Brady

Model, Click Models Philadelphia


“You don’t have to be a supermodel or major influencer to get paid for recommending certain beauty brand products, and tons of stores and brands are now offering this to the general public. All you have to do is sign up (for free, upon approval) at various sites, including Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Murad Skin Care, Avon, butter LONDON, and more. Once approved, when you post your brand affiliate link to your IG bio or Facebook page, you get a percentage of the sale from anyone who purchases products through that direct link.”

Joshua Ross

Celebrity aesthetician and founder, SkinLab


“Ditch your scrub and replace it with a washcloth, which is better for your skin and your wallet! Washcloths are an easy, affordable option for exfoliating and cleansing the skin on a daily basis. The natural grit of the fabric grabs onto dirt and makeup particles easily for removal without being abrasive to the skin.”

Aomi Richter

Licensed aesthetician and owner, Evolve Skin Studio


“Don’t dish out big bucks for a facial oil, or worse—a facial oil deceptively called a serum. Check the ingredient label—if the first few ingredients are oil, it’s an oil. Many luxury oils are still in a base of grapeseed or other very affordable oils with the more expensive ingredients following. They may smell lovely, but they’re not worth hundreds of dollars.”

Silva Nahabedian

Director of education, Dazzle Dry


“Whether you are a salon goer or a DIY-er on a budget, you can extend the length of time between manicures with a few simple tricks. When your nails get too long and unsightly, file them down. File with the polish still on your nails to help you shape them better. Also, Keep nail and cuticle oil anywhere you wash your hands and use it after every hand wash. Keeping your cuticles and nails well-moisturized and supple will extend the life of your manicure and prevent premature chipping.”

Nechami Tenenbaum

Creator and CEO , Karmela Cosmetics


“Before throwing out your lipstick tube to buy a replacement, scrape the lipstick out of the bottom. There’s a nice amount of product in the base of the tube that can be scraped out easily and utilized with a Q-tip.”

Charlene Osei

CEO, CocoaShea


“Use different products during the day and night. Having separate daytime and nighttime routines will help your skincare products last longer. If you’re using the same products twice a day, chances are you’ll run out sooner and have to spend more in the long run.”

Erika De La Cruz

Author, personal development coach, and founder, Passion to Paycheck


“My abuelataught me how to be thrifty to maintain smooth skin by taking raw vitamin E capsules, cutting them in half, and applying them to my entire face from an afternoon to the following morning. It will dry, absorb, and leave it super soft the next day. (My Dad does it to this day and looks like a stud.) The trick is to make sure you don’t have any plans that night because you aren’t getting any makeup over all that E.”

Alexa Collins

Social media influencer and model


“Use a refrigerated cold teaspoon over your eyes to wake you up in the morning instead of a morning eye cream.”

Sayble Humphress

CEO, Bali Lash


“Instead of throwing away broken compact powder products, fill the area with rubbing alcohol and press into place with the back of a spoon. Let it dry overnight and your makeup will be as good as new. You can also add a few drops of saline solution to rehydrate and extend the life of your dried out mascara.”


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