Cheers to a New Year filled with health, happiness – and hydration!

Now more than ever, we crave the uncomplicated, unadorned, and untainted—especially when it comes to our well-being. The new year is typically a time for reinvention and promising resolutions, like getting our health and wellness in check. From binging on spin classes to stocking up on vitamins, our health becomes the focal point of our lives come January 1.

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But there is one thing we tend to overlook in our quest for mind and body domination, and that’s hydration. The amount and type of water we are consuming is the most important factor in creating a healthy lifestyle. One brand in particular takes the cake (or fruit platter, in the spirit of new year’s resolutions)—1907water, which is family-owned, high-quality, packed with health and beauty benefits, and guarantees a naturally sourced and unique taste.


1907 water is one of the last family-owned water companies on our supermarket shelves. They are 100% New Zealand-owned and operated—no major corporations or large private equity companies here. With a small staff of 16 employees at their bottling facility in Paeora, plus a staff of four at the head office and two more employees in the U.S., 1907 Water is truly a small business you can feel good about supporting.

Quality over quantity

Water shouldn’t be complicated—I mean, it is just water! It’s a natural resource, yet it seems like there is a lot of processing, enhancing, and manipulation that goes into the final product we consume. Various other top-name water brands discuss the processes they exploit to strip the water bare, later adding the electrolytes back in, or the multiple sources their water is derived from—in other words, you don’t actually know what you’re drinking or where it’s from.

1907 water is purely, naturally occurring, and their bottles are made from 100% recycled materials. The water in each and every bottle of 1907 is sourced from 680 feet underground and arrives at the surface under its own natural pressure—no pumping or energy required. The 1907water plant is also run on hydro and thermal generated electricity, which means no fossil fuels are required for production. More importantly, the chlorine- and chemical -free water, with a naturally high sodium content, acts as a natural electrolyte, aiding in faster and more effective hydration.

Unique taste guarantee

As 1907water’s production manager explains, “We are extremely fortunate to have discovered this deep protected aquifer—at 680 feet through solid rock, this spring rushes to the surface for the first time in 50,000 years. The flow is consistent and strong, bringing much-needed purity to an otherwise contaminated planet.In today’s modern polluted world, it is very rare to find an aquifer that has never before had any interaction with civilization. For over 50,000 years, this aquifer has fed from uninhabited snow-covered mountain peaks, also a national park, which gives it enduring protection and gives us the privilege of indulging in its unique and wonderful taste.”


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