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FASHION: a trend, especially in styles of dressing, accessorizing, or manners in which we behaveThe Fashion Issue is indeed one of my favorite issues, and as a true shoe addict would, I will pay tribute to my must-haves during this season. While we may have been struggling with how to handle the “Quarantine 15,” shoes—oh, marvelous shoes—they always fit!

Check out some of my favorites below:

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This is my go-to heel during fall/winter because you can dress it up or down. One of my favorite pairs is the York Bootie by Michael Kors. It’s a little splurge that will stand the test of time.


…the camel riding boot, to be exact. This is one of the best shoe investments you will ever make. Riding boots are always on trend, and this color goes with everything. They will carry you through fall, winter, and spring. My favorite ones are by Coach. I’ve owned the same pair for about 10 years, and they’ve only gotten more comfortable and the worn leather more beautiful with time.


Yes, I know it’s fall, but with the cards we’ve been dealt this year, you never know! Let’s brace for impact—just in case. Just saying “snow” makes me cringe. Snow boots can be clunky, heavy, and quite frankly, fugly. However, I found a pair that will not only keep your feet warm, but will also up your fashion game. I get so many compliments when I wear these Mata Women’s Fur Lace-Up Waterproof Winter Boots.


Who would’ve thunk it? Sneakers are actually cool enough to wear everywhere + anytime. It’s been fascinating to see how this trend has stuck, because well—comfort. Especially since not much is happening in our social scenes, sneakers are always a great choice to complete any look. Personally, I think a classic pair of white Jordans is the way to go. You simply cannot go wrong! So, just do it!


Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be longing for a pair of Uggs! Their look was never appealing—until I tried on a pair. Since comfort wear is all the rage, you’ll be reaching for your Uggs if just to move from your bedroom to your living room.


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