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5 Steps To Fabulous

The past few months have been challenging, to say the least. If you’ve been paying attention to what this moment in time is trying to teach us, you already know that the steps to living a fabulous a life are the ones that lead us to things that matter most. For me, it’s been my faith, family, community, and a few self-care pick-me-ups along the way.

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1. REVTOWN was launched in early 2018 by a group of former Under Armour executives and boasts some of the top designers and engineers from today’s most innovative athletic apparel brands. Beyond providing high-end jeans at an affordable price ($79), Revtown is also committed to clean denim production. One hundred percent of all waste is recycled, and the company’s denim is sustainably dyed using shrimp shells, orange peels, and nut shells, which save energy, water, and use less chemicals in the process. @Revtown

2. PAWW audio products not only sound great, they also look fab—they’re basically a fashion accessory all their own. Take their sleek SilkSound line with headphones that could easily pass for stylish headbands, available in attractive colors and patterns like tortoiseshell and yellow. You’ll want to take Paww’s headphones along everywhere you go. They make thoughtful gifts too. @MyPaww

3. CHIRP Self-care doesn’t just scratch the surface, and neither does Chirp, one of the most advanced cleansing technologies on the market! Chirp’s patented movement can be dialed in precisely to match your skin’s sensitivity or tough cleaning requirements, meaning your skin gets the treatment it deserves. Chirp works overtime to take your skincare routine to a deeper level.


4. COMMUNITY is key. World crisis or not, my faith has restored my belief in others, my motivation, my drive, and my ability to keep moving forward no matter what. It has become very evident to us all just how much we crave human connection. It’s the one constant conversation I’ve had over the past months—how much we long to see and be in each other’s company. Our weekly team BELLA meetings have been invigorating. It’s brought our team closer and has proven time after time how resilient we are in this ever-changing industry of ours. It’s also shown me how much and what BELLA means to each of my colleagues. It’s been humbling and rewarding! I have so much gratitude for the ladies from my ETTWomen community as well. Lynette Barbieri (co-founder) and I have cultivated a sisterhood—it’s never just been about the business. This time has proven to us how much we are like family. @ETTWomen

5. REAL TALK WITH BELLA Shameless plug? You bet! If there’s one thing that’s helped keep my sanity throughout this unprecedented time it’s BELLA’s podcast, Real Talk with BELLA. Alongside the team, we’ve shared some sassy, funny, and intelligent conversations. It’s all the BELLA content you love, from entertainment, beauty, lifestyle, empowerment, and more. From our very opinionated + fabulous crew, to celebs and experts who have spilled the tea, Real Talk delivers what you want to hear the real way—the only way.


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