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1820 Hackensack Road, NY 12590

845-849-3565 •

French, American (New)

Attire: Casual

Price Range: $$$

Serving: Lunch and dinner

Outdoor Seating: No

Alcohol: Full Bar

Ambiance: Casual

THE INFLUENCE: “The future of Hudson Valley’s identity should be forged with health and wellness as its core concept. We need to encourage boutique, sustainable, clean food production at our farms, and our local restaurants must tell the romance of this story; agriturismo has been done elsewhere, now it’s time to do it here.” –Owner John Lekic

The Hudson Valley holds some of the best kept secrets for New Yorkers looking to escape the city life for the weekend, and Le Express Bistro is absolutely one of them! Owner John Lekic has over 20 years in the culinary industry and inspiration that far surpasses the local market. At Le Express Bistro, you will find luxury meats like hen, duck, and quail, with local foraged mushrooms, vegetables, and moonshine. It is French-American influenced by the farm-to-table movement. And with one bite of the duck confit with cherries and the best ever cooked Portuguese octopus, Le Express Bistro moved me! This was one of those food altering moments, when you shift your seat a safe distance from your date and refuse to share. (It’s simply that good!) Of course, ordering the warm apple tart for two is a delicious way to savor the evening.

If possible, please credit the duck confit photo to Boston.


BELLA’s “A” List 


BRUSSEL SPROUT SALAD: Brussel sprouts tossed with Granny Smith apples, blue cheese, and prosciutto bacon

PORTUGUESE OCTOPUS: Charred Portuguese octopus, heirloom farm-to-table vegetables


DUCK CONFIT: Duck confit, parsnip puree, fingerling potatoes, and grilled cherries

PEI MUSSELS: Served with linguica (Portuguese sausage), feta cheese, and fresh herbs


APPLE PIE MOONSHINE: Dutch Spirits Sugar Wash Moonshine infused in house with fresh apples and spice

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