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Clothing Care 101

Clothes cost money, but if you treat them right, they’re an investment. In a world of fast, throw-away fashion it’s easy to become complacent about our clothes. After all, if a skirt rips, we can pick up another one for a few dollars, right? But if you want to build a wardrobe full of beautiful classic pieces, then you’ll need to learn how to give your garments a little TLC. Image

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  1. Know Your Labels

Much of the damage we inflict on our clothes comes from the laundering process. If you toss everything into the washer on 40 degrees, you may be saving time, but delicate items will eventually become damaged. Read washing and care labels carefully and adhere to them.


Before making purchases, check labels for care instructions. Some items, such as vintage garments, etc., may require specialist cleaning.


  1. Wash Less Frequently

Washing, spinning, and detergent all take their toll on fabric. To minimize this damage, only wash clothes when necessary. Air them at the end of the day before putting them away in your closet. Steaming can also help between washes.


  1. Care For Your Underwear

Underwear is best left to handwashing. The washing machine process is rough on your delicates and items can quickly lose shape or elastic can loosen. If you don’t have the time or inclination to wash by hand, use a laundry bag. Delicate items can be placed inside prior to washing, and the bag will protect them at least a little.



  1. Protect Buttons

When you buy a new garment, get into the habit of applying a tiny amount of clear nail polish to the center of each button. This will seal the thread and help prevent them falling off.


  1. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

If your clothing becomes damaged, mend it straight away. If you leave small rents or pulls, they will soon grow into larger problems that will become impossible to disguise. The odd missing button or a small hole can usually be tackled with a needle and thread. But for larger issues, such as re-hemming, a sewing machine will provide longer-lasting results. This sewing machine was on Project Runway and is ideal for mending and altering clothes.


  1. Hanging Clothes

How you hang your clothes in the closet also affects their longevity. Something as simple as choosing the right hangers is important. Plastic or wire coat hangers can stretch your clothes and make them lose their shape. Wooden and padded hangers work best.


  1. Jeans

Though initially designed and created as workwear, today’s jeans are much less resistant. But by taking care of them, you can ensure they last a little bit longer. The first thing to be aware of is that jeans tend to mold themselves to our bodies. When we wash them, they lose that shape and initially feel a little tighter. So, infrequent washing is desired. To freshen them in-between washes, hang them in the bathroom when you’re bathing or showering. The steam will work its magic. To preserve the color wash jeans inside out. The same is true for any dark-colored garments which may fade over time.


With a little thought and a little extra care, your clothes will look their best, drape properly when worn, and stand the test of time.

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