Confidence- The "Wow!" Factor


Nothing is more magnetic than a confident person. Come on, you know that person I’m talking about…the one who is always smiling, laughing and in complete control? When she speaks people listen and when giving advice? There is no question that she knows exactly what to say. Her clothes are impeccable, her hair perfectly coiffed and everything seems to go her way- every time.

Confidence- is there anything more beautiful than a woman who has it? A perfect example is Katie Holmes. When she made the decision to leave Tom Cruise, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, people were completely caught off guard. What was once thought of as a fairy tale romance quickly reminded those of us who watched- that not all stories have a happy ending. Yet despite the media storm Katie carried herself with complete confidence and class, earning her respect from people world-wide. Suddenly it seemed as if Katie was more beautiful, smart, sexy and well- grown up! While she may have been suffering emotionally she didn’t show it. She was poised and decisive in her actions and never showed any doubt in regards to her decision to leave Tom Cruise. Her confidence was unshakable.

While some are genetically predisposed to have confidence, others have to work at it. In a city that never sleeps, tired or not, you better wake up looking and acting as if you are ready to take a bite out of the big apple. Here are five confidence boosters that will change how you act and the way people respond to you in a New York minute:

  1. Fake it Till You Make It: While you may not feel confidence, no one knows that but you. The best way to gain confidence is to begin acting as if you have it. The act will ultimately become the real deal as people begin to respond to the new you. While they won’t know exactly what you did, they will notice a change and ask questions such as, “Did you get a new haircut?” or “Did you lose weight?”
  2. Improve Your Posture: Nothing says insecure more than poor posture. Begin to pay attention to the way you stand, walk and sit. Make it a point to pull your shoulders back and tummy in. From employers to potential suitors, people naturally gravitate toward the person who looks poised and in control.
  3. Be Decisive: Whether deciding where to eat or what play to go see, make a decision and stick with it. Uncertainty is seen as a sign of weakness so don’t second guess yourself- ever.
  4. Trust Your Gut: Confidence grows much faster when you make good choices. Starting today, begin to reflect within when seeking answers to the many questions you have.  If your gut says, “Don’t buy that dress,” don’t buy it! No more turning to your friend and timidly asking, “What do you think?” You already know the answer.
  5.  Dress to the Nines! Speaking of that dress…nothing says confidence more than a well-dressed woman. With the shopping world at your feet, there is no better place to perfect your wardrobe than NYC and remember that oftentimes, less is more. Find pieces that complement your body type, take risks and let fashion become a physical symbol of your transformation.

Whether you’re looking to land that dream job, exert more influence in your current career or simply feel better about yourself, these five tips will have an immediate impact on your confidence. As Coco Chanel once said, “Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”


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