Spring/Summer 2015

The Single Girl

The Single Girl; the 1960s woman was freed from the constraints of previous fashions that controlled the feminine body through external means. Corrie Nielsen’s S/S 2015 collection mirrors this transformation and growth of a woman’s physical, social, emotional and economical strength.

The collection is an illustration of the designer’s fascination with form, and the ways in which it can be manipulated in this case to define femininity outside of a traditional patriarchal construction. Corrie effortlessly creates the strong, independent and active woman whilst remaining true to her simultaneous delicacy, adolescence and slenderness. Corrie’s women have the intensity and boldness for change and yet appear to be too young to understand the difference. Their shapes and curvatures align with the almost sculptural, free flowing forms of 1960s furniture and wallpaper design. 

The colours and fabrics that make up this collection are inextricably linked to the 1960s girl who embodied the feeling of the culture at the time. Dark brown satin above latex pants, beige duchess satin layered with off white tulle subtly embellished with beadwork demonstrate the progressive female liberation of the decade. Corrie has taken icons such as Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot and used their inherent physical and emotional presence and strength, to develop a collection that is as wearable as it is pleasurable. The woman in Corrie’s collection moves with confidence, grace and ease. She is the ultimate embodiment of independence and self-sufficiency. As is so characteristic of Corrie, the female form is accentuated and reminiscent of an almost childlike femininity as she plays with pale yellow silks and off white mohair. Intertwined within this gracefulness and fluidity – Corrie’s consistent appreciation of form is guided in this collection by the futuristic curves and twists taken from the Jetsons cartoon and fluid Perspex furniture of the 1960s.

Corrie Nielsen, a Central Saint Martins graduate, has been successfully showcasing her collections for the past seven seasons. She was crowned Fashion Fringe winner in 2010 by John Galliano, Colin McDowell’s London platform.

This collection is dedicated to the women of the 1960s who shaped and influenced the world as we see it. We thank you for helping us to evolve into the women that we are today.

In loving memory of my mother Mary Elaine Craner 29/08/1948 – 02/08/2014

Special thanks to: Alexandre Boulais Communication, David Evans, Audrey Pechenart, Sandra Codjoe, Rachel Smith, Yochelle Wilson, Blue Ritchie, Annabelle Morell-Coll, Windle and Moodie, MAC Cosmetics, CARAT Diamonds, William Wilde, Laurent Pouteaux, Ken Watanabe.

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