Courtney + Mario Lopez: United Front

Courtney Lopez is an actress and producer known for “I Love Us” in 2021, “Pittsburgh” in 2006, and “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” in 2020. And you remember Mario Lopez from “Saved by the Bell,“ which premiered in 1989.

Together Courtney and Mario launched a YouTube channel called “The Lopez Family,” created alongside Awestruck, the channel featuring their kids and their dogs.

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Calling Los Angeles home, Mario likes to keep things moving. The two-time Emmy Award0-winning television host joined “Access Hollywood” and has signed an overall development deal with NBC/Universal. Courtney joins her husband as co-host on the nationwide iHeartMedia radio show, “On with Mario Lopez” and occasionally fills in on “Access Hollywood.”

I had such a wonderful time catching up with the couple for BELLA + BELLA Latina. We chatted all things family life, careers, and unity in their marriage. Read more…

What attracted you to each other?

Courtney: The one thing that was just so crazy was how seamless it was when we got together. He’s very high-strung and I’m very calm. Everything was perfect, and then once we started to realize we just wanted to be together, it worked.

What do you do together for fun?

Mario: We have a lot of fun; I think we laugh all the time. A lot about our lives is dominated by work and our kids. We make it a priority to not forget to date each. [We go on] quick getaways to Vegas, wine tours.

Courtney: Lately I think our favorite thing to do is after the kids go to bed early, we lock the door and just watch our shows (laughs).

Describe each of your roles in the relationship.

Mario: We’re a pretty united front. We have a “Team Lopez” mentality. My wife is very understanding and supportive of my crazy schedule. We have a good time as well, so we are all on the same page.

I saw your daughter in a few acting roles. How does it feel to be introducing your children into the world of acting and them being a part of your world?

Courtney: Our kids are born into it. Mario wasn’t born into it, and we’re not asking them to do it, it’s more because they’ve asked.

Mario: It’s totally up to them if they want to do it.

You both come from different cultures and are raising your children recognizing both. How important has that been for you?

Mario: They’re aware of their culture. My daughter has a super Latina sticker on her iPad Air, and my son has Mexican and Italian flags on his. We try to represent as proud Americans and are also proud of our roots and where we came from.

What is your one piece of advice for anyone trying to make it in this industry?

Mario: More than ever, anyone starting out can go to YouTube and learn pretty much any skill. You also now have social media where you can create and have platforms to build your own brand if you’re willing to do the work. These projects can actually help you build some kind of résumé. We didn’t have that when I started out, so now is an exciting time to do it if you really want to put in the work. So, take initiative, work, and if you’re lucky enough to find a great partner in life—I know my life got better with my wife in it—it’s like everything took off for my career.

I was told several years ago that I would never make it in this industry because I was a mom. I would never really get to next level. Courtney, what would you say to a working mother who is looking to pursue a career in entertainment?

Courtney: I think we just need to be more kind to ourselves. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be something we’re not, and it shows when we’re unhappy. Our kids know and it breathes through the house. If I’m not paying attention to myself, my kids learn from that, and I just try to be the best I can be. We all have our bad days in this career; it’s hard but you just have to have thick skin and always just come from a place of love.


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