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Aysha NY. Spring 2020 shoot.

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My Style Guides are a culmination of my greatest mission — to empower ambitious women throughout their careers. Yet there are plenty of other times in their lives when my advice can be just as useful. For example packing for a vacation.  After all knowing what to bring — and leave behind — can make a world of difference

Today, I’ll show you how to create a chic vacation wardrobe that’s comfortable, versatile, and appropriate for any vacation setting. By following each of these guidelines, you can feel relaxed yet confident no matter where you’re going.

Aysha’s Vacation Style Guide

Before you start packing, remember to research the dress codes for any locations you plan on visiting. Generally speaking, most of the world will dress roughly the same save for a few differences in shoes and accessories. However, there are plenty of tourist spots around the world that require you to cover up.

For example, you’ll need longer skirts, covered shoulders, and possibly even a headscarf when visiting religious or spiritual sites. Different restaurants may also prohibit certain styles as well. My best advice would be to take note of how the local women dress and follow suit.

The most effective way to reduce the amount of luggage you bring is to select pieces you can use in multiple settings. Choose at least one casual dress that can be paired with sandals during the daytime and nicer heels at night. Pack several basics, such as simple t-shirts and tank tops, to go with anything. While keeping your plain t-shirt on, switch to a skirt and slip on a light cover-up for dinnertime.

Cutting down on bulk also means building your outfits in layers. Aside from a possible jacket, which you could wear while traveling, select pieces that are lighter and thinner. This way they’re easier to roll together and will take up less room in your suitcase. As an added bonus, it even allows you to purchase some new items while vacationing.

Recently on my blog, Discussing All Things Fashion, I mentioned how choosing the right fabrics can help make your summer workwear more comfortable. And the same rules apply to vacations as well. My number one tip — choose fabrics that are less likely to wrinkle so you always look put together. Different knits such as jersey and cotton are good, as are polyester and nylon. Plus, those last two are especially great for moisture-wicking, meaning you stay comfortable even while sweating.

We’ve all bought something just for a vacation, and I know how tempting it is to not wear it until then. However, it’s best that you wear them at least once before leaving so you know how they fit. This way you canlearn ahead of time if it needs to be modified first. It’s a nightmare to put on a new dress or top while on vacation only to realize it doesn’t fit properly.

Even in the middle of summer, the temperature drops suddenly at night or even during rainstorms. So at least one pair of long pants is essential for you to stay comfortable. Depending on where you’re going this summer, I suggest either stretchy material that’s supportive yet comfortable or loose-fitting bottoms that promote better airflow. With this same idea in mind, bring a light jacket that goes with anything and won’t take up too much room. I would even suggest having it on-hand while on the plane, as it can keep you comfortable in that air-conditioned space.

Aysha NY. Spring 2020 shoot.

And finally, you can’t forget about the accessories. You don’t have to bring a lot with you, just a good mix of minimal and standout pieces. This includes a belt you can pair with any dress or pair of pants, along with some bold pieces of jewelry and a hat or headscarf. And when it comes to shoes, three pairs are enough — one for walking, one for the beach, and one for evening.

Most importantly, remember that you’re going on this vacation so you can relax. There’s no need to impress anyone or to keep things formal, so don’t put too much thought into every single outfit. After all we’ve been through these past two years, you’ve earned that down time. So as long as you’re comfortable and feel good about how you look, that’s all that counts.

A Quick Recap

To recap, the most important things to remember are:

  1. Be aware of possible dress codes for your vacation destination
  2. Less is more, and layers over bulk
  3. Try out new items ahead of time
  4. Bring something for cooler  evenings
  5. Pack accessories ! 

And, most importantly…

  1. Don’t stress too much

With all of this in mind, you’ll be able to pack smarter and enjoy the fun stress-free vacation that you need more than ever now.


About Aysha Saeed

After a decade in New York’s corporate finance world, Aysha Saeed packed up, moved to Italy to do the work she was destined for… became a fashion designer. After much hard work and not accepting “no” as an answer, Aysha finally got the opportunity to work with houses of Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

AYSHA NY was created to dress America’s current and future leaders, and it’s Aysha’s keen eye for detail – both in the cut of a fabric and in the boardroom impact an outfit should make – and the commitment to manufacture 100% of its products in NYC that has created this sustainable, iconic brand.

AYSHA NY women are strong, fearless, ambitious and extremely good at what they do. They wear AYSHA NY to send that message before ever having to say a word.


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