Creating the Ultimate Cozy Bedroom

Oh, baby, it’s cold outside—why not stay in bed a little longer? It’s hard not to stay in when you create a true oasis of a space for your bedroom.

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The Norwegian term “hygge” has been showing up all over Pinterest these days, and for good reason. The term, which means to create comfort or coziness, has become so popular over the past few years that it landed on Oxford’s Word of the Year list in 2016 and has exploded in popularity ever since.

We turned to the husband and wife team behind R&R Interior Design for some warm thoughts on the importance of creating a comfortable space, specifically in your bedroom.“This winter is all about creating your own spa-like resort for your bedroom, keeping in mind to add a bit of personality as well,” explain Regina and Robin Reaves. That means integrating pops of color to break up any neutrals, such as olive, terracotta, and blues, they suggest, along with playing with texture through rugs. “Nothing feels better than seeping your feet into a soft and comfy rug. And don’t forget the power of a great candle or multiple candles to create that perfect setting.”

Lucky for us, a host of companies agree in the power of propelling a sense of calm through the sanctity of our homes. You’ll want to check out some of our favorite products for enjoying a great night’s sleep and some R&R on the weekends.


SANUK COZY VIBE SLIPPER truly says it all. The slipper is made from high-quality recycled materials and overflows with a fluffy wool blend to keep your feet toasty warm. $75,


BOLL & BRANCH FLANNEL SOLID SHEET SET, with its high-quality organic cotton, bestows a flannel that’s luxuriously comfortable but also very breathable. You won’t have to worry about getting too hot at night. Prices vary,